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  1. Who's ordered 3.0 diesel? Share your build

    Update been out here killing it in our Ecodiesel Moab was epic check out our build @buttercup_ecodiesel and on YouTube at Buttercup Ecodiesel new axles are next and I was going to order the JT diesel but I’ll be 100k into this one soon.
  2. Let's See Your Custom Pops of Color!

    2020 Ecodiesel full build @Buttercup_Ecodiesel on insta and YouTube
  3. Anybody re-gearing their diesel?

    We went 4.56 with the 39s we run it’s perfectly matched to the factory specs
  4. 2020 Ecodiesel skid plate

    Oh it’s a must we live it that engine and trans it way to expensive to allow a rock or limb take something out I hit my trans and knew it was a must at that point
  5. 2020 JLU diesel skid plates

    well congrats on the skid I’ll be headed back after my long arm is completed for more. so the welding I did was the nut that are attached to the frame rail are strange looks like a press in nut you will see it if you look in the frame at them but mine popped out so I just tacked it in place so...
  6. Eco Diesel and Tunes

    I'm working with a couple tuners in Canada looking like late summer or 4th quarter i dont need a ton of power but with 20 years in the diesel industry i want all the emissions off of our jeep it will spend most of its life off road im in a non emissions county at the moment and if tuned properly...
  7. Diesel Lift Kit?

    We went with Rock Krawler 3.5'' Adventure X high clearance long arm kit doing a full install on it know check it out on our YouTube channel Buttercup_ecodiesel
  8. Diesel RPM on Highway

    About 2100-2200 RPM but im on 38s and 4.56 gears and absolutely love it
  9. Engine break-in plans? Who's got 'em?

    Oh I know I’m actually a diesel mechanic I’ve built trucks for off road to the drag strip I mainly did it because it was so low I’m fixing to do it again at 5000k miles then I’ll see how long it can go without having to add oil.
  10. 2020 Ecodiesel skid plate

    So we did our first video with lots to learn and more to come
  11. 2020 JLU diesel skid plates

    Our first video more to come and lots to learn
  12. 2020 JLU diesel skid plates

    No one is making them so I had one custom made for my DEF tank and exhaust it’s extremely venerable I’ll be getting a engine/trans done soon from Tribe 16
  13. PUNK'N Wrangler Jl club

    Yeah I’m a diesel guy I wish it was a bit louder and yeah it spins the 38s no problem I’m fixing to cut all the factory brackets off the frame and axles in preparation for a Rock Krawler high clearance long arm kit 4 link front 3 link rear I can’t wait.
  14. Engine break-in plans? Who's got 'em?

    Just drive it normal I did change my oil at 2500 miles because it was hardly showing on the stick and and so black.
  15. PUNK'N Wrangler Jl club

    Here is our 2020 Punkin Ecodiesel and we absolutely love it.
  16. Diesel sound?

    The oil is a Valvoline 5-40 full synthetic euro. And I changed it because when I checked it the oil was just touching the dip stick and black as night I know that the black is normal but for me I’m not waiting 10k miles for the first oil change and as low as it was I’m glad I didn’t wait.
  17. Anybody re-gearing their diesel?

    It does come with housing it is reusable but the filter is not the same as the gen 2 I checked the only way currently to get it is with the housing but as time goes I’m certain it will change and we will be able to just get the filter.
  18. Diesel sound?

    What’s the part number please and where did you find it