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  1. Rear window defroster unsoldered?

    After waiting longer than 6 months that I took my jeep in to get the rear defroster looked at, they said that they would order a new rear window but they never did and after a few calls back and after waiting from to call me which they never did. I have appointment Monday, they said they will...
  2. Rear window defroster unsoldered?

    Happended to my JLUR, still waiting for the jeep dealership in norco ca to call me back because they were supposed to order me a new rear windshield, its been over 6 months now and still haven't heard anything. Btw my last post was how they took a whole day to change my oil
  3. Does anyone use these prepaid oil change coupons at the dealership?

    I've used a coupon for a oil change at the dealership in norco ca, got there early and was there for almost the whole day waiting, they said its normal to wait that long for a oil change :shrugs:
  4. California SoCal- Set of 5 Method 304 wheels

    Where are located at?
  5. Can dealer flash you to 37s?

    So how much to have the dealer calibrate 37 inches tires to correct the speedo? I have a maxcare lifetime warranty so I have to have the dealer do it
  6. Rotating 37s... How often are you doing it?

    What direction do you rotate 5 tires?
  7. Dead battery

    This is the battery I ended up purchasing, cost me $200.
  8. Dead battery

    I called the dealer and told them that I had my battery tested and it was dead, I told them that my jeep has 39k miles and 2.5 years old, also that I have the Mopar maxcare lifetime warranty and the dealer said it was out of warranty!!!!!! And didn't mention anything about the battery being...
  9. Dead battery

    I did a factory order in Feb 2018, and got it delivered March 2018.
  10. Dead battery

    I have a 2018 JLUR (2.5 years old) with 39k miles, I had the battery tested and the cells are dead. The Jeep dealership says it would be covered but its passed the 36k miles, I also have the lifetime maxcare warranty but service advisor says it doesn't cover it either. Is it worth it to get a...
  11. how long for an oil change at jeep?

    Good idea, ill be sure tell them about my experience in a survey
  12. How long does it take for an oil change at the Jeep dealer?

    When I posted the first time it said something like error contact an administrator and I went to new posts menu and it wasn't there, so I posted again thinking the first one never did. My bad
  13. how long for an oil change at jeep?

    I have the maxcare lifetime warranty though.
  14. how long for an oil change at jeep?

    A couple months ago I dropped off my jeep for a recall, look at the 4wd because sometimes it would pop out, my odometer would read 9999999 and then go back to normal and my rear defroster broke so they supposed to order me a new one but never did or called me back, i lagged it and asked about it...
  15. how long for an oil change at jeep?

    Well after dropping it off I worked at the gym, even took my time, walked to the gas station and bought a protein shake, walked to get a haircut, had them uber me back, walked around the sales lot and now still waiting fml
  16. how long for an oil change at jeep?

    I have an appointment at 9am at the same time service opens, got here a few min after 9am, i was the second vehicle here, the service advisor said itll be done at 2pm, 5 hours for a oil change and tire rotation? With a appointment and being the second car here? Is this normal?
  17. How long does it take for an oil change at the Jeep dealer?

    I made an appointment at jeep for 9am for an oil change and tire rotation, service opens at 9am, i got here slightly after 9am, one car was ahead of me to drop it off, they are saying it'll be ready at 2pm lol, so it'll take 5 hours? Even with an appointment and being the second one here?
  18. Thinking of Purchasing Rubicon Unlimited

    My JLUR taught me how to pack smart and tight, if you needed a little more cargo space you can fold down one of the rear seats down. Also you could also add a roof rack, trailer his rack or even a small trailer