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  1. GC pricing

    A bit off topic but I know there are dealers who right off the bat offer great pricing on Wranglers. Are there any such dealers that do similar for Grand Cherokees?
  2. 295/70-17 on stock Sport

    Thanks! 295/70-17. Walmart had great prices on coopers UPDATE: You WILL need a spare tire relocation bracket for this size tire.
  3. Is there a shortage of 2-Door Wranglers (with manual transmissions)?

    That’s what I did in spring of ‘19 (searched and found a leftover ‘18 2 door 6 speed in the color I wanted. I had to travel 2 states away to get it. Be prepared to travel or have it shipped, or to order what you want and wait.
  4. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Thanks, at least a few other people here have done it before I did.
  5. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Finally got around to painting and installing the low mount AmFib snorkel, and also color matching my d rings:
  6. Undercarriage wash detergent?

    The other problem in the winter is that leftover water in your pressure washer can freeze (if you store it someplace without heat) and ruin the pressure washer.
  7. Mopar Doors-off Mirror Kit announced for Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Gladiator

    It’s typical giant company inertia. This is why startups are constantly surprising them. In auto/marine/aviation/pharma there is an escalating compliance regime which is what slows down startups, but not as much in other industries. This is also why competition is a good thing I.e. Bronco. I...
  8. 295/70-17 on stock Sport

    I know this was directed @blnewt but I can confirm that the spare did NOT fit on mine with Moab takeoff rims. It came very close but was rubbing my aftermarket bumper just a hair too much. I had to get and install the Smittybilt relocation bracket.
  9. 2021 engine bay has a new item by alt

    Are we coming up on Halloween or April Fools Day?
  10. Bestop - Supertop Ultra for JL

    Any update on 2 door availability of the Trektop Ultra?
  11. Rain Gear Trail Cover (JLUR)

    That’s the sku I have for the two door half cover and mine fits fine. Send them pictures and get a replacement. Other than there not being obvious places for the clips to attack I love mine.
  12. Clutch Recall (FCA W12 | 20V-124) on 2018-2020 JL Manuals [overheating clutch pressure plate]

    Had this done today. Apologies, I didn’t read all 78 pages of this thread. I have just over 10k miles. Apparently they do a test where the rev it in 4th gear and dump the clutch to see if it stalls. If it does you don’t need a new clutch, just the sleeve. That’s what they did for mine.
  13. Rain Gear Trail Cover (JLUR)

    ^This. I have the half cover and it fits well. The trail cover is meant to be used without the top.
  14. Half doors appears in system! "Dual Door Group With Base / Premium Uppers" [Updated with real life photos]

    Thanks for the explanation. So do they have windows in them? Or is it that they can work with soft windows?
  15. Half doors appears in system! "Dual Door Group With Base / Premium Uppers" [Updated with real life photos]

    +1 I can’t see the functional reason either, but I’m a newbie too so I’m not judging I’m just asking. I’d go with no doors or tube doors but the half door would seem to me to be not that much different than a full door with the window down. Maybe it’s just mostly aesthetic?
  16. Smittybilt Atlas no more? Apollo?

    No, but I stopped following it as I went with another vendor.
  17. Undercarriage wash detergent?

    You definitely want to move it around, as leaving it in one place will only get the salt off that one area.