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  1. At the end of my rope of steering issues.

    And im not saying that's necessarily causing people's steering issues, but I believe maxing out the SS is amplifying the problem at the steering wheel.
  2. At the end of my rope of steering issues.

    If you max out an adjustable SS, you have effectively turned it into a stick. It has to be able to dampen small bumps quickly and maxed out it takes to much force. With the Fox maxed out you are actually making more travel translate through the steering to the steering wheel instead of less. Its...
  3. Difficult Choices

    Time for some friendly ribbing: Yea, well next time im on top of a waterfall, in my grocey getter, acting as winch anchor point for all the two wheel guys who are scared of flipping over backwards. I will look down into their fear filled eyes and sweaty brows and reassure them "its ok, you...
  4. Difficult Choices

    Welcome, you are gonna have so much fun shopping for mods...
  5. Practically new Jeep rattling noise, is it loose tie rod? (videos)

    Check the flag nuts on your control arms also, I had a loose control arm bolt and the flag nut was hitting up against the slot in the frame making a similar noise.
  6. Brake line extensions - 2.5'' lift

    Thanks bud, really appreciate it. I'm a bit of a drive away, lets see if my volunteers over here survive. If I get in a pinch I'll hit you up.
  7. Wave etiquette

    Well, with the introduction of Jeep chickens, I think we need some adjustments. I propose that vigorously shaking your Jeep chicken at oncoming Jeeps should suffice as a "wave". No choking your chicken at oncoming traffic though, that would just be improper.
  8. Brake line extensions - 2.5'' lift

    If anyone does need aftermarket brake lines I recommend Camburg, they are built like brake lines on an offroad vehicle should be built. "They are teflon-lined, stainless steel and kevlar braided with an additional protective clear covering. They come with everything you need to install them to...
  9. Brake line extensions - 2.5'' lift

    Same boat, I really like some of their products, but have heard some bad things about their installs so I'll be doing it myself. Doing axles at the same time, should be a fun few days of rolling around on the concrete, busting knuckles, inventing new cuss words, and tasting loctite!
  10. Brake line extensions - 2.5'' lift

    I'm doing the Recon setup with Kings from Rebel offroad, If you have plenty of slack i'm sure I'll be fine. I already have the brake lines and they are built way better than the factory lines so I may use them anyway as long as I don't have a mess of extra slack at ride height.
  11. Brake line extensions - 2.5'' lift

    Guess I won't be needed those extended brake lines the vendor said I need for my coilovers.
  12. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    This is where it gets tricky. If you are running stock steering setup it mounts one way, if you are using aftermarket stuff it mounts differently. Bottom line, if you are ever going to upgrade your steering (highly recommended), do it first.
  13. 4xe Generator Charging

    Now somebody is thinking, and us ICE heretics wont have to hear your generator running all night while we try and sleep in the forest.
  14. Beadlock Recommendations

    Aw man, f you, i just bought new beadlocks in 8 lug, haven't even got them all mounted but cant return them because they are custom drilled, and you speak of the holy grail. F you, f you, f you, i love you but I hate you. If they are reasonably priced f you even more. Yes, im jumping up and...
  15. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Be careful, seen a couple reports now of people getting the old aluminum box installed by the dealerships for the TSB.
  16. 4xe Generator Charging

    Lets virtue signal our way on and off the trail, and then when nobody is looking fire up that gas generator in the forest...lmao
  17. Parked Next to a new Bronco Sport

    So it's called a Bronco, but not really a Bronco. I leave disappointed, as with every other Bronco thread.
  18. Chinese winches. Smitty, Warn, etc. are they holding up worth a damn?

    You just pointed out the exact reason I went with shittybuilt, line speed. I'm not trying to make a day out of recoveries, get out and get moving.
  19. Scumbag Alert!!!

    A lot of forums require a certain number of posts over a time frame before the members can even access the buy/sell threads. This in no way guarantees scumbags wont be scumbags, but at least it deters the ones looking for a quick score.