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  1. Front Bumper Close Out Panels

    No the panels do not fit a sport. 7 screws to take one off. Leave open or do the trim mod that many have done and reinstall
  2. Dash Camera Suggestions/ What do you use?

    Just put in a Nextbase 322. Easy to hard wire for power. Base holds the power wire when you want to remove the camera from the window mount
  3. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Finally got the time last night to get my new dash cam wired in. Gotta love the aux switch setup bringing battery connections to the passenger footwell. Made it so easy
  4. Show off your DIY painted dash

    There is a good youtube video online for taking apart the dash to remove the panels. Mostly screws and trim clips. Once the airbag is disconnected from the wiring harness it is not going to explode on you unless you do something very dumb. Only suggestion for the airbag removal is a bunch of...
  5. How Can We Help?

  6. How Can We Help?

    What would be the price and SKUs for Sahara paintable flares (JLU)? I currently have the halogen bulbs on a Sport S. Thanks
  7. Dashcam wiring using Aux switches - revisit

    If you pull the trim there are members who have posted pics of the install before. Just click the search tool
  8. Dashcam wiring using Aux switches - revisit

    In the wire bundle in the cabin is a separate hot wire you can use without tying up a switch button. I don't remember if it is a switched hot or always on
  9. Additional HP?

    Holy crap. What's the HP for that supercharged monster?
  10. Tazer Fright

    Definitely update the firmware after it is out of the box. Tazer install and vehicle changes take a few minutes to set up. Had no problems with mine for the last year
  11. Massachusetts Anyone getting rid of a Sport bumper(W. Mass)

    There's one down in Hartford listed on Facebook Marketplace right now
  12. Looking for recommendations for Hitch Cargo Carriers/ Baskets

    I had friend who would ziptie the plate to the rack when he was travelling on longer trips. Shorter trips in state he didn't move it.
  13. Rubicon steel bumper price...

    Should be able to find a plastic Rubi bumper for $200 or less. Steel will usually be advertised around $800+
  14. Need Trim Part Number

    Also can use AllMoparParts. Just search them in the members link, and ask. They are pretty quick to get a reference number and price back to you.
  15. Emergency Brake Handle Pad Removal

    That sucks. But it's done now.
  16. Emergency Brake Handle Pad Removal

    I would assume that Jeep gets it glued together as one piece. Could it actually be placed over the top of the stock material like the DV8 cover is?
  17. US-UK rear light conversion

    The trouble is making a light that can separate the signal of brakes vs turns. It's still just electricity coming down the wire. That's why the shop added some crappy wiring and dumb LEDs to your bumper. I would cut in some bigger LEDs to the bumper. Maybe one day you will find a shop that...
  18. US-UK rear light conversion

    If I remember the NA region wiring harness is different from the EU spec. There is an extra wire in the harness for the EU turn signals.
  19. Let us hear that you want Core Doors!

    Yes, Please. Survey done
  20. Bumper

    Stock for the sport jeeps. Removable if you remove the 7 screws. Covers the fog lights and wire harnesses. Made for the EU market where bumper openings are way more strict than the USA