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  1. Steering Fix TSB 08-074-20 Crowdsourced Dealership Survey. Add Your Experience.

    Final update to the post. Took about 5 months to get the new box. In the meantime, Jeep has lost a life long customer. Selling my JLUR in the next month or so.
  2. Would 5'6" wife have issues climbing in / out of Rubicon?

    If you need the Rubicon over the sport, you should not buy these. They're a “step” in the wrong direction.
  3. Help?! 2020 JLU Fishtailed and Rolled From Potential Clutch and ABS System Failure

    This makes my goddamn blood boil. My dealership said the same thing when I reported my TC slipping out of 4 low into neutral after being properly seated for minutes. I was using 4 low on a mountain pass to engine break down a 20 degree incline with a 3000’ drop on one side. Damn thing just...
  4. rough country MLC-6 Multiple Light Controller

    $200? I'm in the wrong business, I should have manufactured niche jeep parts! I'd recommend andiy approach. It will be cheaper and you'll learn a lot more. A relay box, relays, 6 ft cat 5, and some switches and you can replicate this. Should be under $50.
  5. Thrumming Noise at Highway Speeds (63-67ish)

    This is probably not it, but worth mentioning at it takes just seconds to visually inspect. I had a pop riviot comeoff and some if my inner fender liner would rub on the wheel at speed. Might as well rule it out.
  6. AEV JL bumpers now available

    Man... don’t you think they should have made it stuck out a bit more between those two round things.
  7. Colorado WTT: My White hardtop for your Black Textured hard top plus cash

    Mine is on a 2020 and in near perfect shape. Looking for a similar condition black textured hard top plus $500. Mine originally came in black and I’ll be trading it in soon and they won’t give me anything for the upgraded top.
  8. Texas Trail Edition Wrangler spotted on build & price

    Doesn’t matter. Simply the mention of “Texas” gives many Lone Star Fever.
  9. Which engine for Colorado passes?

    I’ve had my 3.6 over 13,000. No issues and unlike others, I couldn’t tell the difference. That said, the trail that high is unlike the 95% payment the jl sees.
  10. What do you call a Jeep Wrangler?

    I say car... Because to anyone who's wrangler isn't part of their identity, that's what it is.
  11. Rubicon Package as a $5k upgrade to any trim

    5.13s from the factory. Yeah, no.
  12. 3.6 engine and 87 octane a no-no

    Damn, and I’ve been using 85. My engine must be shit and I didn’t even realise it!
  13. Colorado WTB: Stock Front drivers Rubicon fender liner

    Not in a rush, willing to pay $30 in Denver.
  14. More narrow 35in tires

    Certainly looking forward to hearing your thoughts.
  15. 2021 Rubicon wandering

    Welcome to the freaking club.
  16. Reaching Southern Utah Cold War Relics in a JLUR

    Awesome and great timing. I'll be in southern Utah at the end of next week... might need to add this to the trip!
  17. New JL Steering Issue TSB 08-074-20 (for "Improved Steering Feel")

    I’m in the same boat. @JeepCares cares about about some things, but certainly not our issues. I’ve been thinking about contacting members of the media. I’m sure someone would love to write an article about their piss poor supply chain management and lack of taking care of those that have already...
  18. Coming From a Tacoma...Should I be Worried

    If I were to know what I know know, I wouldn’t have bought my JLUR. Jeep has the worst after purchase support I’ve ever experienced.
  19. Test drove my first ever Wranglers today. Thoughts and help with concerns please

    You test drove a 2021, that’s why the steering didn’t suck. FYI, dealing with FCA sucks. Worst after support of any car I’ve ever owned. I’ve been waiting on Jeep to send parts to my dealer for over 2 months... and they said I’ll likley have to wait 2 or 3 months more. @JeepCares doesn't give a...