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  1. Perfect used JL for me but no Tow Package

    Suspension springs have different numbers as well, stiffer I believe. If you don't want to tow, why do you want the tow package?
  2. Has anyone tried Exposed Racks?

    No. I am talking about the brackets that connect to the rain gutters.
  3. Has anyone tried Exposed Racks?

    Yeah, technically the exposed racks RTT system can hold more weight than dezee. It consists of 4 crossbars + 4 feet per crossbar, so the weight is very well distributed across the entire top. Also if you get the one with the click in system it is quite nice, I love that feature. For an RTT you...
  4. Question About Jeep Value (before I take delivery today)

    ikr? lol get her a renegade or a crv or something, and keep your jeep.
  5. Has anyone tried Exposed Racks?

    I haven't had issues with the weight dist feet, but I did have issues with the rack brackets recently. The foam they use to protect the hardtop degraded and the metal started digging into the rails. Pretty bad design in my opinion. As soon as I noticed I went to home depot and bought thicker...
  6. Question About Jeep Value (before I take delivery today)

    A financial advisor might tell you: either you are overthinking this or are buying too much car. In the first case just let it be and enjoy life. If you are buying a vehicle taking car payments high enough that could give you financial trouble, you are buying more than you should. Buy a car you...
  7. Is there a speed limiter? *Serious*

    Anyone who wants to bypass this and travel faster than 97mph on a Rubicon bought the wrong vehicle.
  8. Do Higher Trim Owners Look Down on us Sport/Sport S owners?

    Yeah I rarely approach those, or the ones with overly sized wheels and reduced rubber. Some angry grill peeps are cool but theyre outliers. You can usually tell when the driver is a douche or a real jeeper.
  9. Do Higher Trim Owners Look Down on us Sport/Sport S owners?

    Most stock rubi owners Ive seen on the trail seem intimidated when they see my sport on stock 32s and open diffs drive the same line they just "proudly" finished. Just enjoy your Jeep, I am sure that guy was just some ass who went in for "a new car" and got sold on a rubicon by a dealer salesman.
  10. The hitch-mount rack 1.5 year review

    It should work just fine. the rack has 2 crossbars like any other roof rack. The benefit with this setup is you can run it top on or off. But if you just gonna run it with top down, take a look at exposed racks. Also for your application, you might benefit more with a hitch mounted cargo basket...
  11. Which Oil Are You Using, And Why??

    Pennzoil synthetic ultra. When I looked for a video on how to change the oil thats what they used, it is also one of the recommended in the user manuals. I just looked online and it was priced reasonably at like $20. So I didnt go into the oil rabbit hole and bought it. People overthink this...
  12. What kind of off roading is a JLU Sport S capable of?

    LSD is better than nothing. But to be honest I dont even know if it is worth it on the JL. LSD is not a substitute for a locker. In theory, a good LSD can be almost as good as a locker when rolling with smaller tires (32s,33s). But we all have BLD anyway and it is unclear how good the LSD in the...
  13. What kind of off roading is a JLU Sport S capable of?

    Only if you get tires too big, and you have to really push it.
  14. What kind of off roading is a JLU Sport S capable of?

    It is a Jeep. and it can do Jeep trails. It is the most capable stock vehicle behind the Rubicon. Start with easy trails and gradually increase their difficulty until you start noticing you are pushing its limits. That's what I did. When things started getting tricky I installed a rubi...
  15. Sway bar disconnect yes/no sport

    Max articulation is achievable with the links disconnected.
  16. Sway bar disconnect yes/no sport

    I installed JKS quick discos on my sport with rubi suspension. It is a world of a difference driving with the sway bar disconnected. Safer, better traction, and way more comfortable. I was under the impression the rock crawler ones are too long for rubi height, just compare the length with the...
  17. Anyone installed a front locker and rear LSD?

    So my plan has always been to get rid of the rear LSD and install and ARB air locker. But my Jeep so far has no issues with the rear LSD, and it honestly performs well. I thought it was gonna crap out, or it was gonna be pretty bad and I was just gonna replace with an air locker. Now I am...
  18. JLU vs Equinox shows steel bumper strength

    You could say perhaps the equinox absorbed all the damage. But the fact that your airbags went off is a little troublesome. Your Jeep did receive quite some energy for the airbags to deploy, so I would think all the damage is in the frame or your internal body, or both. Get checked by a doctor...
  19. Question about Custom Rig on Lot, Rip-off? Can I do this for cheaper?

    it doesnt even say what the 2.5'' lift is. What brand? could be a cheap ass lift. Way overpriced. Just find a good deal on a wrangler and buy the mods yourself.
  20. Some non Jeepers seriously think they are invincible in a Snow Storm when in 4WD or AWD

    Speed and tires are the most important when driving on snow/ice roads. Your tires are gonna allow you to have better traction, in the case you start sliding a bit a good snow tire would allow you to regain control of the vehicle. AWD, 4X4, helps a bit but the tire is the most important factor on...