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  1. 3.6L "Hiccup"

    Hey, OP- please get back to us on your little experiment; I’m really looking forward to what you find out. I have the 6 speed too and just noticed this. I have about 25,000 miles on mine and never experienced this until the last couple hundred miles. The only thing I’ve done recently to strain...
  2. Scumbag Alert!!!

    I got a call once from someone who knew my wife’s name and our address, living in Hawaii at the time. Said he was from “the lottery” and that we had won $10,000,000 and we could collect it if we brought a $500.00 visa gift card to the Honolulu airport to pay “for taxes.” I took the phone from...
  3. Top 10 things Jeep should have done

    First of all, I have to address the “overpriced” question. I believe the jeep isn’t overpriced... in the sense that FCA sells them. There isn’t a 250 day supply of jeeps sitting on dealer lots. That means that people are willing to pay what dealers are asking for them. However- I could...
  4. Say hello to my future overland trailer. 2020 JTUR bed box.

    This is awesome and I’m sure you’ve got a handle on things, but it occurred to me that it would be really cool if you could use the fuel filler neck to fill a reserve tank. Maybe even get some kind of pump to send it to the jeep (not on the move necessarily, just when stopped).
  5. I agree, OP. Does not equal indeed.
  6. Dumb Question (Solved)

    That's fair, tone is very hard to interpret on the Internet. Never take anything I say too seriously, it's all hogwash anyway. In person it wouldn't have come across so arrogant. Besides, I'd rather have a JK than any one of these, six days a week and twice on sunday:
  7. Dumb Question (Solved)

    I've owned a TJ (six years) and YJ (four years). I know all about "actual" jeeps. I'm not going to go too in depth on this because I've already practically written a book on it on these forums, but the JK was a lazy, ugly, half-assed, cynical, last-ditch effort to save the Wrangler (and...
  8. Do Higher Trim Owners Look Down on us Sport/Sport S owners?

    OP, there are many possibilities: 1. He's an asshole 2. He didn't hear you clearly, either due to a COVID mask or just ambient background noise, and gave you a perfunctory answer because he was in a hurry 3. He was trying to teach you a lesson for calling his jeep a "car" 4. He was jealous that...
  9. Dumb Question (Solved)

    It’s easy- if it looks boring, amateurish, and like the designers gave up after their first attempt, it’s a JK. If it looks like an actual Jeep which the designers finished, it’s a JL.
  10. Matchbox Wrangler Toy Has Modular Top

    It has happened with Star Wars, which is arguably as valuable as the Wrangler (probably not... Star Wars was bought for $4 billion, FCA was worth $23 billion in 2017). Anyway- if it could happen with Star Wars it could happen with jeep!
  11. Help with color choice crystal grey vs. snazzberry

    Snazzberry- because you said you wanted a color right? Black, white and scales of grey aren’t colors! In all seriousness though, get whatever will make you happiest- you’re the one who will be driving it, after all!
  12. GC getting third row seating

    I just got this email. Does anyone else find this strange considering that the upcoming Wagoneer/Grand Wagoneer will both be three row? Won’t a three-row GC step on the Wagoneer? Anyway, I thought it was interesting.
  13. 4xe Tax Credit explained and hints by someone who has done it twice.

    That’s an incredibly helpful and considerate response. It’s hard to believe that came from a government organization. The go-getter who wrote that needs to slow his or her roll. We can’t have the unwashed masses receiving this kind of response from a bureaucracy... they’ll start to expect it.
  14. What do we want to know from the first to receive the 392?

    1. What do you do for a living? 2. Are there any openings in said career field?
  15. Rock-Trac® Full-Time 4WD (safer on-road for teen?)

    Statistically speaking, one of the biggest contributors to teens getting in accidents is having multiple friends in the car. The more friends he can haul around, the more likely he’ll get in a wreck. Therefore I vote that you should get a two-door with manual transmission, take the back seat...
  16. Which one of these 3 options would you pick?

    Not even going to read this thread, I just hope I’m not too late... GET THE ALPINE STEREO!!! If possible, get it with the 7” screen... the 8.4” is overkill in my opinion It’s the only option I regret not getting. The Alpine speakers sound so much better than the stock ones. And as far as the...
  17. 4xe Tax Credit explained and hints by someone who has done it twice.

    Thanks for this summary which breaks it down “barney style” as they say in my line of work. I won’t be getting a 4xE but will definitely refer back here to help explain to friends how the tax thing works.
  18. Have u forgotten to turn off ur Jeep while on the Gym?

    All these hilarious responses, but the OP is still my favorite post in this all-time classic JL Wrangler Forums thread. By the way, how the fuck was I the first person to “like” that post? Now, as 2020 comes to a close? Come on people!