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  1. Trying to decide on a sunshade

    Thanks for your input. Price isn’t really the issue. Just trying to narrow down my options. From what you as well as others have pointed out about the other one looking very saggy, I think I am going to go with the alien shade one. Looked at the cheap amazon ones but I would rather do it once...
  2. Trying to decide on a sunshade

    Not interested in a 1 piece. If I was, JTops would be at the top of my list for sure. Want the freedom of being able to only have the back on if needed for our son.
  3. Trying to decide on a sunshade

    Now that you say it, I see what you mean about saggy. I was thinking it was a good option as it would give our son full protection if we wanted to zip up both layers in the rear. But don’t want something flapping around the whole time. I really like the J Tops ones but looking for two piece so...
  4. Trying to decide on a sunshade

    Looking at two different sun shades. Narrowed it down to the alien shade or the smittybilt extended shade top with skylight. Has anyone tried the smittybilt one yet? Can’t seem to find any reviews on it yet. A little nervous about buying it without seeing anyone else’s opinion on it.
  5. Storage shelf attached to roll bar

    Can the brackets be reversed to have it higher than the mounting point at the roll bar? I would need this type of setup but quite a bit higher. Do you have a picture of it mounted in the upper most position or is this something you can do once you get it all finalized and powder coated? This may...
  6. Storage shelf attached to roll bar

    Does anyone know if a company make a storage shelf that attaches to the soft top bracket location for the 4 door? We have a 100 lb dog that goes in the back so most racks are too low to be able to fit him back there. Looking for a shelf that isn’t too big just so we can put our bags of clothes...
  7. New Soft top window storage idea

    I never ended I’ll trying it. Switches back to our hard top for the rest of the summer as with the newborn, wasn’t taking the windows out because of the heat and wind. Hopefully by next summer, worry a bit less about the wind
  8. JL Sliding Roof Rack

    @lodoffroad any more updates on these for the JL?
  9. New Soft top window storage idea

    This is genius. I might try this on Sunday and if I do, will let you know. Why did I never think of this. Now that we have a newborn and our 95 lb dog in the Jeep, no where to put the bag with the windows in it
  10. Interior Mounted Light Bars

    Would be cool if they did bring it into production. If they could seal it against the windshield well enough that you didn’t get glare, it would be a much better option that running a light bar at top of windshield. Not sure if it would be something I would do but it is a good concept.
  11. Interior Mounted Light Bars

    Pretty sure that Jeep was a concept from mopar. Don’t think you can actually get those.
  12. How to completely remove soft top?

    It’s super easy to remove the soft top. If you watch the video, it will show you. I’ve done it twice now (switch to hardtop in winter) and can have one top off and the other installed in about 25 mins. Could do it even faster if I used my small impact driver instead of the small Jeep ratchet...
  13. Tazer (Programmer) for the JL

    I’m also curious about this. Not sure if I need to unmarry and remove it before updating or can just hook up to it while it’s plugged in and update it.
  14. JL Sliding Roof Rack

    Any chance of getting a function video as you guys are doing the load testing? Curious to see how it will open and close as well as some pictures of the rack. Understand it is not final product but haven’t seen many great pictures yet.
  15. Rough country light mounts with larger lights

    Bought the rough country A-Pillar lights and mounts when we first got our JL knowing that I would eventually be upgrading the lights to something bigger/brighter. Just put a 5” round light on them and having a problem. They seem to be bouncing quite a bit. Has anyone had this problem? Would...
  16. Custom tailgate storage box

    The top of the box is 22” x 10” (lid) and the bottom of the box is 20” x 8”. There is a rubber seal on the box so it should keep the smell pretty well contained too. I’ll attach some pics of the seal as well as the lock and the cover for it. Won’t seal as well as an ammo box but shouldn’t be too...
  17. JL Sliding Roof Rack

    Basically, yes. For some such as my wife, the Gobi rack and similar ones that have to be lifted up to open and close the soft top wouldn’t be very useful as she wouldn’t be able to do it herself and it is her DD. Or even if she could do it, I doubt she would want to do it every time she wanted...
  18. Custom tailgate storage box

    Perfect. Thanks for linking the original post and user. Have a hard time doing tags and links like that on my phone. Technology is not my strong point. Couldn’t have done this without all his useful information.
  19. Custom tailgate storage box

    I’ll take some measurements tonight and see if I can find the box on their website. It’s wife’s dd so will do it once we are both home from work.
  20. Custom tailgate storage box

    Hey guys, just thought I would post some pics on a DIY storage box for the tailgate that I built. Have to give credit to a fellow member for his write-up and all the info he posted on his setup. I was originally going to do it the way he did but found the perfect box and decided to go a slight...