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  1. Alabama Rugged Ridge Spartacus front bumper.

    Up for sale is a good condition used Rugged Ridge Spartacus steel front bumper. $250 pick up in North Alabama.
  2. Lost all bass in sound bar.

    Hey, I just replaced all four 3.5" speakers in my non-alpine 7" sport s. I went with infinity reference ref3022cfx. The fronts installed fine and only had to trim the metal tabs to get them to fit. The soundbar speakers were a different story. The connections are pushed so far out due to the...
  3. Arizona WTB: Brand New OEM All Black All Weather Mats

    Aren't the black letters the first version with fitment issues? I think they didn't seal in the drain plugs properly.
  4. Best floor mat manufacturer?
  5. Anybody here play fortnite?

    Let's squad up and talk jeep while we get some wins. Epic games username: Glittery_Ponies
  6. More Lift or Highline fender flares ? Can't decide...

    Yes the 1.5" kit. Stock sport s shocks. Didn't change the ride at all, other than a little more top heavy.
  7. More Lift or Highline fender flares ? Can't decide...

    I have the teraflex spacer lift right now and really don't think it changed the harshness at all.
  8. More Lift or Highline fender flares ? Can't decide...

    I would measure your current suspension height, install the new bumpers and remeasure. If you lose 1" of height, the teraflex 1.5" spacer lift will put the jeep back at the height it currently is. This would mean your fox shocks would be sitting just like they are now.
  9. Sahara - lockers and re-gear with LSD and Selec-Trac

    Pretty sure clutch pads are considered wear items.
  10. Sahara - lockers and re-gear with LSD and Selec-Trac

    I just watched an informative video on YouTube regarding differential types. He said LSDs are only good for about 20k miles before they need to be rebuilt. Apparently they have a clutch pack that constantly spins while you drive that wears and then the diff acts as if it were an open diff...
  11. First upgrades - status: successful

    I think 38 psi is still way high. Have you chalk tested?
  12. Thoughts on mopar 2" lift from actual owners.

    I have the opportunity to purchase a mopar 2" lift used from a fellow jeeper. While researching this lift, I am getting very different opinions as to the quality and performance of the lift. Some people say they have had no problems, while others say death wobble, bump steer, etc. I want to...
  13. Best floor mat manufacturer?

    Went with the wade sure fit in the front and max liners in the rear. I wanted maximum coverage.
  14. Best floor mat manufacturer?

    I just saw these. I really like the idea of them covering the door sill trim, but it looks like they only have the fronts right now. Anyone have them?
  15. Best floor mat manufacturer?

    Who makes the best floor mats for our Jeeps? I know weathertech, husky liners, bestop, and mopar all offer mats. Does one shine above the rest? Is there another manufacturer I am missing? I have heard bad things about the Mopar liners, but that might be before they revised them.
  16. Keeping windshield clean

    I also have used a product called poor boys bug squash. It works really well but takes wax off.
  17. Keeping windshield clean

    If you get them before they dry/harden, a microfiber soaked in hot tap water wipes them right off. I wipe my grill and windshield off 2x a day (when I get to work and when I get home) after a 40 mile one way interstate commute in the summer. Literally takes 45 seconds each time.
  18. BILLET SILVER Wrangler JL Club

    Just finished the front bumper and all LED bulbs.
  19. How thick is the steel on the rubicon bumper?

    Could someone with a steel rubicon front bumper please tell me how thick the steel is? I have searched and couldn't find the info. I'm guessing around 1/8"?