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  1. Airing up tires after off roading?

    I second that. If you dont want to spend the cash for an ARB, this one works really well. Bought one myself and love it.
  2. Are Yeti coolers worth the $$?

    I actually did quite a bit of reading on the subject. Read every online comparison i could find, and of all the major brands including Orca, Canyon Cooler, Yeti, etc., the two top coolers were the Yeti and the Cabelas Polar Cap Equalizer. These held ice the longest in all the tests I researched...
  3. Opinion on bumper hoop and lights for new Rubi

    Another thumbs up for the Warn hoop. I like the size and shape of it better than the others I've seen.
  4. Daily Driver- Wrangler JL 2019-yes or no.

    I bought my JLU Rubicon as a daily driver and couldn't be happier. Plenty of power, decent gas mileage ( I have the 3.6/auto), adequate comfort and plenty of room for groceries also. When we go grocery shopping now the wife always wants to take the Jeep, heck she wants to take it everywhere we...
  5. Backup camera upgrade

    I agree. I use the rear camera when backing up to a utility trailer and use the colored guide bars as my reference, when i stop and get out to hook it up the trailer ball is directly under the trailer receiver. Its spot on.
  6. Post Your Cool Random JL pics. Pics. Pics, pics, pics!

    Playing around after turkey hunting.
  7. Screen going crazy after wiping off.

    So i pulled the f97 fuse, put it back in and havent had a problem since. Pulling the fuse just basically cuts power and forces it to restart....kind of like restarting your cell phone when it has a glitch.
  8. Screen going crazy after wiping off.

    I see you changed your reply, lol. I pulled fuses f11 and f97 like you suggested, when i started the jeep the screen looked totally different and i had no xmradio or offroad pages. I called sirius xm and had them send a signal to the jeep and everything came back. It stopped going crazy and is...
  9. Screen going crazy after wiping off.

    Thanks, i'll try that and see if it works
  10. Screen going crazy after wiping off.

    So i took a micro fiber towel and wiped off the screen on my 8.4 system, it is now going crazy......won't stop changing stations, and the whole top part of the screen is non responsive. I can touch along the bottom and change from radio to off road page or phone or settings, but when the page...
  11. JLU Tuffy Security Deck

    Mine had all nylon lock nuts, i got the wing nuts from my local Ace Hardware. Makes it nice if they are including the wing nuts now. I love mine. Gives you a place to store items with the top off.
  12. JLU Tuffy Security Deck

    The lid will just slide off, and the back panel would come off pretty quickly if you substituted wing type nuts for the regular ones that come with it.
  13. Post pics of your MUSCLE cars!

    Was originally a Heavy Chevy, I turned it into an SS clone.
  14. What sway bar end links for 2" spacer?

    Ok, thanks. I spoke with a few local shops and they acted like the stock links are fine for 0"-2" lift, but 2 1/2" and more require longer links. Since the Mopar lift is more than 2" do you think they would be too long?
  15. What sway bar end links for 2" spacer?

    Im putting 2" spring spacers on the rear of my JL Rubicon, can I use the stock sway bar end links or do I need longer? If I need to change them any suggestions as to which ones?
  16. Seat cooler?

    Looks like a fart collection device.
  17. 3.6 engine knocking

    13,000 miles on my '18 JLU 3.6 and I have the exact same noise, passenger lower end. Mine started about 2,000 miles ago, seems to be quite a few people with the exact same noise.......worries me but everyone keeps saying it's "normal". Normal compared to what??
  18. Rough country 2.5 lift pics / reviews

    Did you try lowering tire pressure? Some places put in max air pressure, you might just be driving on the crown or center of tire. Just a thought.