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  1. cooling with after market grill

    We can only pray that your motor getS hot
  2. Transporting Steel Bumper Take Offs

    Don’t use the rear steel bumper it will destroy your body tub on the corners if you ever come down on an obstacle. Find another option I love the front bumper but trust me you will get damage
  3. Buying a Rubi. What are your thoughts?

    4 door is the right choice you will have so much more room Yes the two door is more nimble but the 4 door will give you much more room and options
  4. How much or what level of off-roading does it make sense to go Rubi over Sahara?

    Like many here who said... oh I don’t know if I’m gonna go on hard trails or not, I’ll just get a Sahara or Sport. Then they get involved in a local Jeep club or go on a trip with Jeep Jamboree or go to Moab and really love running trails and easy rock crawling. And of course you will want to...
  5. Thanks - Our new Rubicon with Tire Delete and New Shoes

    As an owner of a 2019 JLUR who put 35s on I have no issues seeing out the back and I also ordered mine with a MOPAR tailgate reinforcement. I don’t know why anyone would drive a Jeep without a spare tire. Flats happen all the time and to say as owner you wouldn’t be able to change it? Perhaps...
  6. Is the steel Mopar Bumper worth replacing with an aftermarket one?

    I would not change the front bumper ever but I would get rid of the rear bumper. Everyone who has come down on it hard while wheeling has received body damage on the corners. This just happened to me while wheeling at The Valley of the Moons a couple days ago. I just hope to find a replacement...
  7. JLU Fox Steering Stabilizer Issue?

    Thank you for making this issue easy to understand
  8. Question for Bestop Sunrider owners

    Not being a dick but asking us about wind noise in Jeep
  9. Base Model Drivers...Do you hate roll-up windows/manual locks?

    Yeah I hate auto door locks and windows as much as Air Conditioning
  10. Mounting ARB Air Compressor

    ARB Unlimited air supply ...Power Tank is great but it will empty and then you have to get it filled and that seems like a hassle to me