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  1. 2020 Ecodiesel skid plate

    Anyone know if Metal Cloak or other vendors offer or sell just a oil plan, Tranny skid plate. I don’t need a full pan system but would like to protect some of the wires and sensors around the lower engine.
  2. Diesel Lift Kit?

    Is that a 2.5 or 3.5 lift?
  3. Diesel Lift Kit?

    I’m not sure if it’s already been said but the easiest way to deal with the UCA bolt near the exhaust is to loosen it and cut the head off. Then replace the bolt with the nut on the exhaust side. New bolt and regular nut is only a few bucks and saves a ton of trouble. I put MC adjustable UCAs...
  4. Game Changer 2.5 lift for the ecodiesel

    Hey man how did the MC 3.5 work out on your diesel?
  5. Diesel Lift Kit?

    Unfortunately accutune does not have diesel specific springs.
  6. Diesel Lift Kit?

    Anyone that has installed the Diesel specific lift on a JLUR; can you confirm how much lift you got? Was it more than the 2” advertised as it seams on the gas models?
  7. Diesel Lift Kit?

    Does anyone know which companies springs provide the best ride. I plan to go to accutune for shocks, MK for hardware, but I am at a loss on springs. I’m more worried about on road ride as I don't do alot of hard core off-roading. Looking to go 2.5 lift with 35s.
  8. Banks Power - Exhaust, Intake, Tuner

    The with the old HDE tunes you sent them your ECM and they cloned and flashed it. The dealer couldn’t tell it was modified. You could even order a new computer so you could switch them out when u went in to the dealer. Now that they use a programmer and you don’t send them your ECU I’m not...
  9. Banks Power - Exhaust, Intake, Tuner

    I would go with the delete tune just to remove all the exhaust complexity and weight. That would free up room for an axualary gas tank. I will wait till my warranty is near complete. My state will be the last in the union to implement vehicle inspections.
  10. Banks Power - Exhaust, Intake, Tuner

    It’s my understanding the HD Diesel tune is just reselling GDE. However, GDE provides them the delete tune since it’s allowed in Canada. If you want a GDE delete tune just order from HD Diesel.
  11. Rear bumpers without backup sensor issues

    LOD claims they have no record of sensor issues with bumper without carrier. Has anyone used just the bumper with sensors and confirmed they work?
  12. Rear bumpers without backup sensor issues

    Did they work with the factory bumper?
  13. Rear bumpers without backup sensor issues

    Do you have a link to these instructions? Everything I found from LOD doesn’t show any orientation plugs....
  14. LOD Destroyer rear bumper / tire carrier

    Where you able to get your backup sensors working properly with the LOD bumper? I’m considering buying one but want to retain proper use of back up sensors.
  15. Road Armor Rear Bumper Lights - Warning!

    How did your backup sensors work with the Road Armour bumper compared to the Warn Elite? I am actually looking at both of them because my Rival bumper causes my sensors to go off constantly.
  16. Backup sensor in Warn JL Elite Rear Bumper

    Did you install your sensors the same way as DonBindas? If not which way did you direct yours?
  17. Backup sensor in Warn JL Elite Rear Bumper

    Hey man I have a Rival rear bumper I can’t get to play nice with my sensors. I’m now looking for alternatives. Were you able to get the Warren Bumper to play 100% nice with the sensors. My current bumper gets lots of false alarms to the point of me just wanting to turn it off.
  18. Ebay Rubi Steel Bumper (not a knock-off) pretty legit!

    Has anyone bought the eBay rear bumper and confirmed it plays well with backup sensors? I understand you would also need to buy the metal bumper sensor bezels.
  19. Reducing Body Roll, Suspension?Spring?Rear Sway Bar? Air Bags?

    Can I install a track bar bracket and an adjustable track bar? This way you get the added benefit of lower roll center and stiffer bar. I only have terraflex 2” spacer in front a 1” in back on a JL Rubi
  20. 8 Hole Wheels

    I love these style wheels but they all seam to have a lot of poke on the JLs. I have a JLUR and want to try and keep the tire under the fenders as much as possible. Anyone know of a similar wheel that is hub centric and has more back spacing?