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  1. Is 6-8% Below Invoice Even Possible for a JLUR?

    The Idaho dealer most refer to is Peterson in Nampa. I have a clean 8.3% under invoice with a $299 doc fee deal pending on a JLUR. Waiting on 2020s though. Financing is required although there is no prepayment fee. Those deals are out there if you’re willing to travel to them. Hopefully...
  2. Is 6-8% Below Invoice Even Possible for a JLUR?

    Of course it’s possible. Do you think all the posters here are all liars? From the east coast, go to Ourisman or Criswell if you strike out closer to home.
  3. 2018 JL price deal

    If you politely remind him that it’s a two year old unit that you’re willing to buy for the right price and they still won’t budge, they likely have plans to put it in their rental fleet. Almost a sure thing if it’s a four door automatic.
  4. 2018 JL price deal

    You’re lucky, tax here is 8.5% and registration is around a grand. Your deals looked pretty good if that were the case! Instead of all this out the door stuff, I would only negotiate the price of the vehicle itself. Taxes and registration are what they are. Best to keep the negotiations as...
  5. 2018 JL price deal

    What is the price of the vehicle though? Here, $39k out the door is around $34k, representing a 20% discount.
  6. 2019 JLU Sahara for 60k tax in after upside down trade

    An 18.5% discount seems pretty damn good.
  7. 2019 JLU Sahara for 60k tax in after upside down trade

    What's the MSRP and what is your negotiated sale price? Leave the taxes, fees and negative equity out of the equation for comparison purposes.
  8. 2019 JLU Sahara for 60k tax in after upside down trade

    Is that with your negative equity rolled in? How are we supposed to know how that is impacting your deal? Also, I'd take a gamble that the majority of the posters here are in the US and thus are unfamiliar with Canadian taxes and fees (I am!). You'll be better off if we just evaluate the...
  9. Do only suckers buy off of the lot?

    You’re under the impression that those ordering are not negotiating deals? Many have ordered and gotten a larger discount than you did on your 2018. Your statement is false.
  10. Current Interest Rates?

    You know you don’t have to finance through the dealership, right? Obtain your own financing and handle it in your own if you don’t like what they’re offering.
  11. First Post - Leasing Question... (*Sigh*)

    Minimum cap value? What exactly does that mean then?
  12. First Post - Leasing Question... (*Sigh*)

    There’s no such thing. Maybe they were just trying to spin the minimum that they were willing to sell it at into something more than it is.
  13. 2018 JL price deal

    I only saw where you mentioned the OTD price, which doesn’t translate to those outside your locality. So, you got it for $30,100.
  14. 2018 JL price deal

    Then what was the actual price of the vehicle? Since we all have different fees, we should compare just the price itself so it’s apples to apples.
  15. FAIR DEAL UNTIL................

    The payment remains the same throughout the loan. If the payoff remaining is less than the scheduled payment, the next payment will be the payoff amount and will then close the loan. It’s not a credit card. There is no “minimum payment”, just the same scheduled payment every month until the...
  16. Rubicon DEAL...Buy or Lease ????

    You don’t have enough information to make an educated decision.
  17. First Post - Leasing Question... (*Sigh*)

    The good thing about financial regulatory laws is that all the numbers will be disclosed to you at some point, no later than at signing. Math has no gray area. It either adds up or there is a reason why it does not. In the end, the payment will be exactly what any reputable calculator will...
  18. First Post - Leasing Question... (*Sigh*)

    Good call! What a joke. They love suckers that shop for a payment, without understanding the numbers that contribute to it. Most sales people don’t even understand leases, hence all the BS when you ask them for the numbers. It’s really not that difficult. Good luck!
  19. 2018 JL price deal

    I agree that it's not a good deal, but it's not just "a couple grand under sticker". It's 3% under invoice. HB is typically right around 3% of the invoice.
  20. 2018 JL price deal

    Hard pass. You can do much better even on a new, ordered one. Some of the dealers on the list are offering up to 8% below invoice.