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  1. Aftermarket blow off valve?

    Surge Solenoid - Mopar (4893902AB)
  2. Aftermarket blow off valve?

    Just an FYI, If you're running that Mishimoto Intercooler pipe you'll need to get longer screws to add the DV+
  3. Aftermarket blow off valve?

    yeah, it's a great part and one of the best bangs for the buck.
  4. Factory Alpine upgrade

    Did the Alpine Type R Grilles come with the Red lettering or did you have that done
  5. Speaker replacement upgrade

    Has anybody ran the DS18 stuff? I'm thinking about getting the JL loaded soundbar and JBASS combos. I got a promo code for 15% off and I can finance everything for 12 months no interest. I'll still upgrade the front speakers in the dash and the kick panel with the Metra JP 1014. Just curious...
  6. Speaker replacement upgrade

    Yeah those look pretty nice too.
  7. Subwoofer.... Why so many wires?

    That makes sense. The total amount of wires is 8 so... Left/front+/-, right/front+/-, plus the same for the rear left/right +/- = 8. So I could just the rear left/right +/- and tie into a LOC then an amp or high input on an amp then add subs.
  8. Subwoofer.... Why so many wires?

    So on the 2 door with the floor subwoofer.... Why so many wires hooked up to this thing? Seems like it should just be a positive and negative from the factory amp. I want to pull this thing out and place an aftermarket amp there, hook the high level inputs into the amp and add my own subs...
  9. Speaker replacement upgrade

    Has anyone used these Cerwin-Vega speakers? V465 – 6.5″ Vega Series 2-Way Coaxial Speakers They look pretty nice and have a 94db sensitivity rating.
  10. Factory Alpine speaker impedance

    Makes sense. I didn't realize the existing the tweet had a passive cross.
  11. Factory Alpine speaker impedance

    But each speaker isn't a full range speaker so it seems like the signal is already processed off the amp. People have had good results using both leads in the sound bar on a full range speaker because they are getting both mid and high at a lower ohm and the speaker itself has passive...
  12. Factory Alpine speaker impedance

    I know this is an old post but based on the 4ohm knee panel and the 2ohm dash speaker, I believe that although wired separately that they are part of the same channel and the highs and lows are separated at the amp like a crossover. This would lead me to believe that the overall ohm load for...
  13. Aftermarket blow off valve?

    Yes having the spring in is worth it regardless of any other mods. Without the spring the piston will close when the solenoid returns to normal state (like stock) which can sometimes be delayed when going back on throttle. With the spring in place, as the PSI goes down the spring will force...
  14. Speaker replacement upgrade

    Very cool. I also have the 8.4 Alpine premium. I was thinking about just replacing all the speakers with larger ones, I just haven't decided what speakers to go with. I haven't decided what to do about subwoofers yet. I'll probably just use a LOC to add an amp and sub. And yes those towels...
  15. Speaker replacement upgrade

    A couple of questions.... So you did just a basic speaker swap with the new pods without amps or anything? I'm sure the sound quality is much better but is it louder? What is the Ohm rating on those speakers? Did you do anything to the upper dash speakers? Last but not least... Nice towel...
  16. Burger JB4 tuning available now

    My only guess is that the computer was bogging down your engine to prevent a huge power dump that may have led to a traction issue. IDK, but I'm glad you figured it out.
  17. Bestop Debuts Trektop Ultra Soft Top JLU Wrangler Build [SEMA 2019]

    So when does the Trektop ultra for 2 doors come out? We've been very neglected in the aftermarket.
  18. Burger JB4 tuning available now

    I have a two door JL Rubi Auto with 33" tires and can chirp the tires rolling in 3rd gear. A couple times I've floored it rolling at low speed and thought my front tires left the ground. lol
  19. Burger JB4 tuning available now

    also look at the mishimoto intercooler pipe. As far as blow off valve... I would take a look at the GFB DV+. It's cheaper than a BOV and has real performance gains. I don't have any experience with a downpipe yet but make sure it's catted to stay street and inspection legal. If you get one let...
  20. Aftermarket blow off valve?

    The DV+ Comes with a spring that goes behind the Piston Sleeve. You can run without the spring for more of a factory feel and response or run it with the spring for a faster sportier response. The option makes this product both a performance upgrade and/or a very well built replacement for...