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    Yes, it did, actually. But we NOW know the steering box is a big part of that too. The nice thing is that the RPM tie rod ends are the correct size for the JL knuckles, and not some shimmed down piece with a spacer like they do in the S.S. I have a Falcon stabilizer that I took off a long...
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    Sorry, I didn't fully get what you were asking at first. NO, it's really no different than the hard tops. In fact, it might be a little cooler. Those hard tops are really baking in the summer sun. You can open and close the sunrider with one hand, at a stop light in 5 seconds, so it's really not...
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    Quite well. Plan to add my shovel and axe to it next, as well as a small propane tank for overland trips.
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    Well... with the top flipped back, the sun is hot??? With it closed, it's just like any other vehicle. I don't really know it's there when it's closed. Sort of if you open your front door at home, things change?
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    This warm winter in Phoenix has worked out great with the sunrider.
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    Rugged Ridge rear fenders. For someone on a budget, these work very nice. Not as stout as Metalcloak, but not bad! Much better than those Amazon specials. The RPM Steering is working out really nice. I'm very happy with it. Much, much, much better than the Steer Smarts hardware.
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    Alright. Got the Goose Gear plate system in. Got the Dometic fridge slide in, and after 2 years of sliding around, the Dometic 40 has a secure home now. Got the goose gear used for a great deal.
  8. BILLET SILVER Wrangler JL Club

    Ever-changing... Still looks great to me after 2 years.
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    I repurposed the floor mounted Power Tank bracket as a hard mount for my smittybilt compressor. It is a nice location for any compressor. Also treated myself to that Power Tank bag that snugs underneath and holds my air line.
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    Next Venture Motorsport front cover and skid. The attachment is solid. Much, much better than the flimsy metalcloak skid/cover. The hoop over the rear of the diff is very strong, unlike the Rancho U-bolt solution. The thickness is top notch... very much thicker than the Rancho. Only downside I...
  11. Jeeps parking next to Jeeps... post yours!

    Mine is the Billet Silver hiding behind the bush at the far end. :) Mojave Rd Nov 2020. SDJC
  12. Arizona WTB JLU Rubicon Axles

    You can also get the Jeep "Ultimate" axle upgrades, which have thicker tubes, delete the disconnect, tilted pumpkins, and skids, and all the goodies for extra coin. Probably well worth it, if you plan to keep your jeep for years.
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    It's been 99F deg at night here in Phoenix and over 110F in my driveway every day. On top of that I've been on a few trips and haven't had time to work on it. RPM steering sits in the corner. I have Steer Smart on the jeep now, and it did better after the SS install. Too many failures are...
  14. Could this be the Best (Windshield) Sunshade? A1

    I PROMISE you didn't jinx yourself. It's going to happen. Not if, but when. So just enjoy it while you can.
  15. Could this be the Best (Windshield) Sunshade? A1

    Can't imagine doing that with all the windshield we go through. Nice concept. I'd pay it upfront if the windshield companies would do it.
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    I purchased LOD brackets to mount the Hi lift horizontal, and a boot to cover the mechanism. I've never stored a hi-lift outside, and they last a long time, if you don't. This hi-lift is from 2005, and is still on it's original pins and mechanism. Not a bit of rust on it. I'll be lucky if I can...
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    Power tank JLUR bracket mount for my economy CO2 tank. I like the power tank brackets. Spendy, but clean looking and solid mount. I like the bottle boot they sell too. Very nice! Keeps the bottle from rolling if tipped over, and prevents moving in the bracket. The bracket itself with a single...
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    Experimenting with ant mounts on my LOD tire carrier. It is a lip mount, and being used in this way, I feel it will eventually work it's way off the tire carrier. Maybe drill it, and the LOD and hard mount the base?