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  1. Towing Capacity < 6000

    I misread the document and took the "<6000" to mean towing capacity and it was really 6000lb LVW loaded vehicle weight. Thanks for clearing it up.
  2. Towing Capacity < 6000

    I was planning to trade in my JLU 3.6 for a Diesel 3.0 if the towing capacity was high enough, but it's looking grim. There are rumors online about it actually being less than the 3.6 (3500lbs). Today I saw this post which links to this document. On the last page of the document the JL is...
  3. North Carolina 4 door JL soft top with tinted windows

    Is this the premium top? And black?

    I need a 20% off coupon.
  5. North Carolina WTB: OEM Premium JLU Soft Top

    Looking for a used or new soft top in NC. Preferably within three hours drive of Greenville, NC.
  6. North Carolina JL 4 door Premium Soft Top, North Carolina

    I PM'd AV8R about this also, it has been sold.
  7. Death Wobble at 2.9K Miles - ARGHHH

    Don't mention to anyone on the forum that you have experienced a death wobble. Here is what they will believe you experienced regardless of what may have happened.
  8. How To Install Running Boards - JLU

    I agree. This is a super simple task. I believe they can add some accessories after the purchase and add the change to the original build sheet if they install it, but you need to ask for it, I'm not sure if running boards are on that list, and follow up on it it being added. That would be...
  9. Angry Bird Grills/Lights. YUKKKKKKK

    Our fellow jeeper “Brodie” may indeed be an excellent person, model citizen and probably saves lives everyday at a hospital, but he kinda looks like a moron in this picture. If you have the angry bird grill, this is who I assume is behind the wheel. It’s never too late to change Brodie ......
  10. 3D Printed Windshield Wiper Arm Caps - Prototype

    I’m still in the prototyping stage and recently made some changes so you could better grip the cap and added the Easter egg Jeep. Let me think on the selling part. It would need post processing to smooth out the lines and two colors adds some complexity, it’s doable though.
  11. 3d Printing Projects?
  12. Who else has broken the hardtop wiring harness bracket?

    Could someone post a few pictures of what it looks like after it is broken?
  13. 3D Printed Windshield Wiper Arm Caps - Prototype

    Monoprice Maker Select v1, .2mm layer height, 100% infill Also printed .1mm with 40% infill but it didn't look as good. If I use ABS and do an acetone vapor bath it should smooth right out.
  14. 3D Printed Windshield Wiper Arm Caps - Prototype

    I designed a windshield wiper arm cap and 3D printed a prototype of it. Here is a link to the 3d model you can download. Attached are a few pictures of the prototype installed on my JL. The prototype uses a yellow PLA plastic which is for testing only, I plan on using black ABS or PETG for...
  15. What song / music do you have to turn up in your JL? EDIT ***New JLWF playlist on Spotify***

    When I drive with one hand holding my cereal bowl and the other holding a spoon .... I crank up “Jesus Take the Wheel”
  16. Gas mileage so far

    I see someone else drives like I do. I hit 25.1 spread across 3500 miles (never reset the original trip monitor). Currently in the 24.2 after driving like a cool kid with the hardtop off and doors off for 5 days straight, spread across 3900 miles. The terrain here is flat, JLU Sport S...