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  1. Odd message on screen

    That doesn't sound good.
  2. Molle First Aid and Survival bags/kits

    HSA carries over from year to year.
  3. 😡 2020 JLUR Hardtop Defect (CRACKED @ 1,250 MILES) Jeep Dealer & Jeep Cares Refuses to Warranty it!

    My mom had an early 90s Jimmy, GMC version of Blazer, but it didn't come with 33s, lockers, adaptive cruise, 4:1 t case, 8.4 screen, remote start, heated seats, heated steering wheel, or 440 ft lb of torque at almost 30 mpg. Fucking sucks trucks have gotten SO much worse than the 85 Blazer...
  4. Is this a decent deal on a Rubicon?

    The dealer should give you this information. Most people end up at 3 - 8% below FWP depending on a variety of factors the most significant being whether you're willing to travel to a few specific dealers that offer the lower end of that range.
  5. MXT275 Troubleshooting/Help (Solved)

    Are you sure the GMRS and FRS are compatible?
  6. Voswitch JL300 Lower Dash Switch Panel

    OP had a couple threads going on the same issue. He had the LVCO active and when the rig went into the ESS event the voltage was below the threshold for the switch turned off...
  7. 3.0 Fuses

    Right side drive. 2.2L.
  8. Red KC logo for 6” Slimlights

  9. Spongy throttle solution

    Got the HikeIt installed today and went for a short trip around the block. So far I like it and look forward to playing around with it more.
  10. Recommended tow strap for pulling out stuck neighbors

    Expensive rope. But does come with a card signed by Matt.
  11. Jscan BT Module

    If you're that curious maybe you should reach out to Jscan for clarification. I gladly bought the MX+ knowing its the recommended module by the app developer for my rig.
  12. Deals on brake kits?

    Why not pads? The proper pad makes a big difference and is a low cost upgrade. Are you running the larger brakes in the Rubi or have the tiny ones in the sport?
  13. Jscan BT Module

    From JScan; "Author, =AZXK02MctCiJ6qUJCcsRwPk7eHvc9kxuQCov_AhfFm2QYdu2hJPjkvmNbpxRA6aWb6I2nCOQyWJGtUUmXwOBNV16jI7fKbVcDmWLgVKV4hRjmS744QdSTNiwTEsu-HhK_NNKAmwvUHGpuaWkdZ92hgus&__tn__=R]-R']JScan, Veepeak is perfect, and it works flawlessly with JK and most other cars. OBD Link MX+ is recommended...
  14. Body bolts and how not to break them.

    I pulled my body bolts to install RockHard sliders. Hit the a-pillars with a torch. Passenger side was lose with no locktite on it. Installed new bolts because they all the stock bolts looked a little stretched and the threads were worn after removing.
  15. Giving your baby to the dealer

    Yep. Those free oil change are more expensive than doing it yourself. 6 qts instead of 5, wrong viscosity, and oil all over your rig seem pretty common. You got what you paid for.
  16. Jscan BT Module

    If you review the JScan literature you'll see that not all OBD2 adapters provide the same access to the JL.
  17. Outback Adventure Tailgater table -- Increased cabin buffeting/noise?

    You're a CEO and wasting time looking for a promo code? Isn't your time worth more than that?