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  1. Scumbag Alert!!!

    Another thing that I've done is you can have them write a code on paper and put it next to the product and send you a picture. It's actually how they verify a listing on a cell phone site called Swappa. It doesn't completely stop a scumbag from not sending the product but it helps to show the...
  2. Scumbag Alert!!!

    He's gone. I recommend being very skeptical of new users. Before I do a transaction I'll typically read some of the user's post/threads. As others have mentioned you can use PayPal for a bit of protection and negotiate the 3% fee into the sale price.
  3. Traction Control - On vs Off when off-roading

    Good vid. I learned traction control off was best on my old JK on some dirt/gravel grated roads going camping. For some reason that road type just sent the traction control into a panic attack.
  4. LOD bumpers anyone?

    I have the LOD front. Very high quality but very heavy
  5. 20k recommended cabin filter change, no way!

    Mine was crazy dirty at 15k miles. The engine air filter wasn't bad at all.
  6. $1000-2000 to invest...what to do first?

    Some of my favorites (minus the essentials like food, water, first aid) Sunrider top JeepSleep mattress Bartact seat covers
  7. Solid Solutions to Rear Window Defrost Cable?

    This thread reminded me but this is my plan. I'll put some black electrical tape over it to support it a bit and hope it stays on.
  8. Non Rubicon Owners - Would you have paid for upgrades?

    No regrets here other than the LED lights which I guess you can order on a Sport now. For the trails I do around Ouray I've never come remotely close to needing more. I swapped out the 7" for an 8.4" just because it's an easy upgrade. Small lift, bumper/winch, offroad lights, and 315/70/17...
  9. E vs C rated tires

    I've been rocking E - K02's for over 30k miles. I'd be curious to see if there is a real world ride quality difference between C and E.
  10. How May Miles on Your 3.6?

    I'll have had mine 3 years next month Feb 13th. Has about 32k miles on it. Dipped a lot since I'm WFH now despite a 2,500 mile roadtrip. I change the oil when the computer says around 20% which usually is around 6-8k miles. I'll do oil change #6 soon. First 4 were done by dealer (2 wrong)...

    Pretty ugly but for an overlanding vehicle that thing would be pretty sweet!
  12. Will I need a tailgate reinforcement?

    And I know I didn't answer your question but wanted to provide perspective. I would probably just get the knock off Ebay reinforcement and call it a day if it was me.
  13. Will I need a tailgate reinforcement?

    315/70R17 KO2's on stock Rubi wheels for 30k miles and has been fine. Mine weighs in around 86lbs which is specifically why I stick to this combo. Lightest I can find.
  14. New JL Steering Issue TSB 08-074-20 (for "Improved Steering Feel")

    Which dealer? I've been on the "waiting list" since 9/30/20 at Autonation West. I think parts are likely being allocated to those making the biggest stink as I've seen others already get their parts replaced. Squeaky wheel gets the grease they say. It's nearly impossible to get through to a...
  15. 7” to 8.4” upgrading screen size success

    This is a known limitation on this upgrade. Mine behaves the same.
  16. Colorado 7" radio, bezel and 4 digit security code

    bump before getting it on Craigslist. Price lowered.