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  1. Tazer JL 11.07 LAST CALL - LAST CALL !!

    I’d like to add to this thread as another one that was using the two-piece Tazer JL (11.0.6) with depleted batteries. Had not driven my Rubicon (3.6l, auto) for a little under 3 weeks and found that remote start didn’t work and battery was too weak to start the engine. After jumpstarting the...
  2. JL Trektop

    ParthianShot, thanks for your pics! I think you had said you were using a hardtop before this? If so, did you happen to notice the height difference with the Trektop and your hardtop? Also, I’m assuming you got the twill version of the Trektop, right? Thanks again for your help. Much appreciated.
  3. JL Trektop

    Ditto on TTEChris' question. I have height concerns as well and would be interested to know how much lower the height drops for the Trektop (both twill and non-twill versions) when compared with the factory premium soft top. Please also let us know if there is a difference in height between...
  4. Does it interfere with OTA updates?

    Maybe the people not getting daily reports should check if the TravelLink option in the Tazer JL menu is turned on. Not sure if that matters, but worth a shot. I know, for me, I didn’t see the TravelLink app (or get traffic info on the nav) on my UConnect when that was turned off in Tazer JL.
  5. Cargo Cam not working(fixed)

    I found this image in another thread and figured I’d post this diagram here for use by other people in the future interested in installing Z Automotive’s video cable. It appears to be if you were viewing the connector from the front end, though. Not from the backend, as shown in Z Automotive’s...
  6. LED fog lamp flicker

    The flickering might only be an issue with the LED fog lights and not with the LED bulb replacements that go into the halogen fog lights, so that might be why your LED bulbs don’t flicker. For me, I was trying to use Jeep OEM LED foglights from the steel bumper. But glad to hear it’s working...
  7. LED fog lamp flicker

    I had this problem when I replaced my halogen fog lights with LED fog lights taken off of a steel bumper. I used the exact Xprite flicker canceler device you have linked from Amazon. The connectors won’t be the right ones so I had to splice it with my factory wires and everything worked after...
  8. SOLD - UConnect 7" w/ Bezel - $350

    Selling my UConnect radio 7” with matching bezel. Upgraded to 8.4”. The radio has about 6 months left on SiriusXM. Asking $350. Local pickup in SF Bay Area. I can also ship at buyer expense. No scratches or damage.
  9. 7” to 8.4” upgrading screen size success

    Nice! Thanks for the info, RocketScientist. I purchased the same head unit off of eBay and plan on doing this swap soon.
  10. Soft top window bag - showed up

    Could you please confirm that you need to remove the bottom bar on the back window before it can be stored in the bag? Thanks.
  11. Android Auto poll

    I would prefer Android Auto over Apple CarPlay, but when I use my S7 Edge, the Uconnect will sometimes just blackout Waze or Google Maps in the middle of navigating (which really isn't helpful when I'm driving). CarPlay, on the other hand, has never bugged out on me once. I also like that...
  12. JLWF / Tazer Z-Automotive Giveaway: Tazer Programmer For Jeep Wrangler JL

    I’m interested in this contest. Count me in!
  13. So what's the verdict on using the halogen foglights on bumpers/parts that require the LED fog light

    I had purchased a forum member’s front steel bumper and thought my halogen fog lights would be a straight bolt on, but I was wrong, so I ended up buying LED fog lights that were supposed to be for the JK steel bumper. The LED fog lights for the JK and JL steel bumpers use the same mounting...
  14. JL Rubicon Steel Bumper Group

    One other thing you get with going with the steel bumper group is a steel skid plate. The plastic bumper has a plastic cover/shield that would go in place where the steel skid plate would be located.
  15. 12 volt or USB Always on?

    Somewhere in the manual it says that the 12v cigarette plug in the trunk is connected directly to the battery and does not turn off even when the Jeep is not running. As for the USB plugs in the dash, center armrest, and the two for the rear passengers, they turn off 1 hour after the ignition...
  16. Cloth seats do not come with rear trench cover

    The metal support bracket part number is 68335706AB. The basic carpet style trench cover part number is 6JX46TX7AC.
  17. Gap Hider for cloth seats

    According to Jeepmarkjl, it looks like you just need to buy the cargo kit for cloth seats (82215656AB) and the metal gap hider bracket is included in it. The Quadratec link you have in your message is for the leather seats. Make sure you get the cargo mats specifically for cloth seats, if you...
  18. Gap Hider for cloth seats

    Just as an FYI. For cloth seats, if you want the same gap hider from the leather seats, you can order it with part number 6JX46TX7AC (as mentioned by drummerchick, above), but you also need to order the metal support bracket that the gap hider clips into. That part number is 68335706AB. (The...
  19. Gap Hider for cloth seats

    Fast forward to about 3:26 of this Youtube video and you'll see what the gap hider is.