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  1. Which Compromise to Make - 3.6L eTorque, 3.0L TD, 392

    Seems like an easy decision. Two things are impossible to get. The third is possible with a simple regearing.
  2. Question About Jeep Value (before I take delivery today)

    If you have to worry about depreciation on a second JLU, can you really afford to give your first JLU to your girlfriend?
  3. Giveaway & Promo: Hothead Headliner and Sound Assassin For JL / JLU!

    How much of a difference is this from the Mopar headliner?
  4. 😡 2020 JLUR Hardtop Defect (CRACKED @ 1,250 MILES) Jeep Dealer & Jeep Cares Refuses to Warranty it!

    This thread probably better determines whether you should install the roof rack yourself or get a professional to install it.
  5. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I too sent this style back as it was too difficult to install. Went with this type which intalls onto a single bolt that is easy to get to. Couldn’t be happier.
  6. Flashcal and Service

    I have a flashcal installed. If I go in for the steering box tsb, should I return to stock and remove the jumper chip?
  7. No Lift Off-Roading People

    I have a Rubicon with 35’s and no lift. I also installed the AAL fender bracket and removed the inner fender liner. This gives me several inches for the front tires. I haven’t decided if I will do that for the rear. I go offroading, but not rock crawling so it may not really matter to me.
  8. Rhino Rack Backbone WITH Maximus-3 Roof Ladder

    I haven’t heard any extra wind noise with the roof rack and ladder.
  9. Rhino Rack Backbone WITH Maximus-3 Roof Ladder

    For the ladder, depending on the platform legs, you may need spacers. I think I have the low profile legs and spacers weren’t needed. You do need to drill two holes at the bottom inside of the hard top into the body tub as you can see in my photos.
  10. Rhino Rack Backbone WITH Maximus-3 Roof Ladder

    I think a lot depends on the legs you choose. I think I purchased the low profile legs.
  11. Rhino Rack Backbone WITH Maximus-3 Roof Ladder

    Yes most definitely. I had this installed, as I am not confident in my skills when it comes to drilling into a $2000 hardtop!
  12. Any tips on how to release the DRL double sided tape?

    It wasn’t too hard to pull it off. Much easier than what I was led to believe. It is harder to pull off the inner fender liner from the outer fender shell.
  13. Rhino Rack Backbone WITH Maximus-3 Roof Ladder

    I have the Rhino Rack backbone with the low profile legs. I thought I would need to have some spacers on the ladder, but it fit perfectly as you can see in the pictures.
  14. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Completed today, but this was done over a month: 35” tires and wheels, winch, and AAL high line fender. I think I am done with the big ticket items.
  15. New Rubicon Getting Trail Cam option!

    But I don't think it is HD quality.
  16. Teraflex Alpha HD adjustable spare tire mount?

    I have the Teraflex Alpha and paired it with a Rugged Ridge Tire Carrier. This replaces the weak point of the tail gate, the hinges.
  17. Are Yeti coolers worth the $$?

    I won’t buy Yeti. I bought a Cascade Mountain from Costco for about $200. Kept frozen ice for my 5 day camping trip in 90 degree weather. Only drawback is the weight.