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  1. Looking for side mirrors for door-less driving. Soooo many options out there

    Oh, where did you get these? I like the look of these! How much vibration do you notice from these?
  2. Ohio Upgraded Sport Wheels Granite Crystal w/TPMS

    They are not currently on the wheels but are included. Tire shop misunderstood what I wanted when I dropped it off. TPMS is also already on the wheels. I can have the tires remounted as well, no biggie.
  3. Ohio Upgraded Sport Wheels Granite Crystal w/TPMS

    Selling my perfect condition 2019 Jeep wheel/tire set taken off at 5k miles. 4 tires have 5k miles on them, spare has 0 miles. TPMS and center caps included, no lugs, just re-use your current lugs. Included tires are the Bridgestone Dueller AT 245/75R17. Asking $350 OBO. Located in...
  4. Has anyone swapped from halogens to leds?

    How hard were the bulbs to swap out? Did you need to remove the grill to complete?
  5. Ohio SOLD: $400 - JLU Sahara upgraded 18” wheels / tires /TPMS

    Where are you located? The thread says Ohio but notice your info says Louisville.
  6. Adding stock rear USB and AC ports

    My JLU Sport S already has the ducts so wouldn't be an issue
  7. Adding stock rear USB and AC ports

    I think the biggest question is are the pigtails already there that are needed to plug into
  8. Adding stock rear USB and AC ports

    How much is the cost with just those parts?
  9. 8.4" Uconnect Radio Non-Nav

    I do not, but can't be had relatively cheap from online sources
  10. 8.4" Uconnect Radio Non-Nav

    As the title says, 8.4" radio, this is the model number that may not have navigation. I also need to disclose that I am not 100% that the SXM will work on this head unit either as it did not work for me, however, members have stated it was a matter of just rebooting the radio using a Tazer or...
  11. Tazer JL Mini For Sale

    He's selling the mini which is a full feature device not the lite.....
  12. Navigation volume

    Yep, this right here! 12 is still too loud for me! Such a silly setting to default. I find 10 to be a happy balance on the volume.
  13. Navigation volume

    If it makes you feel any better this is across all FCA products with NAV. My Ram and the wife's Durango all do this and it's annoying as hell!
  14. Any way to update the 8.4" UConnect if you upgraded it yourself?

    I guess that's a good thing that folks with it factory installed have the same issue as maybe itl FCA will eventually put out a firmware update to address it? Did it work again after a reset/battery disconnect/reconnect?