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  1. Park sensors with 37’ rear tire

    What about back up camera and taillight? still fits?
  2. Jeep ignoring steering issues

    Submitted. Issue is very annoying. Been to the dealership 3 times... they claim it's due to road crowning. Impossible in my opinion. Need this fixed asap
  3. What make/year/model vehicle did you trade in for your JL?

    2017 Ram 1500 Sport, with 6 inch Rough Country lift
  4. steering wheel not center while driving straight

    Just had the Mopar lift installed, with 35x12.5's and am experiencing the exact same issue. Wheel is at a constant 11:00 o'clock while driving straight. If on the highway and I let go of the wheel I'm in the right lane within seconds. Vehicle has been to the dealership 3 times since, and...