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  1. BRIGHT WHITE Wrangler JL Club

    Starting to come together... bumpers and rails next...
  2. Fair price for stock Sahara rims and tires with 15k miles?

    Nah I’m selling mine to my neighbor. Was thinking $500 for the 5 of them so trying to see if that’s a fair price. I just picked these up:
  3. Fair price for stock Sahara rims and tires with 15k miles?

    What’s a fair price for the stock Sahara rims and tires with 15k miles on them? For all 5...
  4. Higher load rating?

    Now looking at the 285/70r18’s... They’re an “E” rating... I really like the Ridge Grappler and wanted to stay on 18’s... Fingers crossed I like the ride...
  5. Higher load rating?

    Looking at Nitto Ridge Grapplers 33x12.5r18 that are “F” rated... I have JLU Sahara without a life. If the psi is down what is the downside of having a higher load rating? Or what are the benefits of a higher load rating? Please help! These are going on today.
  6. Nitto Ridge Grappler 33x12.5xR18 F2

    Anyone running Nitto Ridge Grapplers 33x12.5R18 122Q F2?? I’m a little nervous with the F load rating... These are scheduled to go on today and having second thoughts based on some of the comments I’ve seen online... Please share your experience or thoughts. Appreciate it!
  7. Tailgate Table

    I haven’t noticed any rattling. It closes pretty tight. Happy with it so far.
  8. Anyone added the Fuel Filler Door

    I ordered mine from here: I thought the quality of the door seemed good. Has good weight to it and feels solid. Did the install in about 30 minutes. Pretty simple and agree the “hardest” part was pulling off the rear left taillight.
  9. Tailgate Table

    I would think so. I’ll try out my Yeti and Tervis and see if they fit.
  10. Tailgate Table

    Yes 25 lbs. there’s a warning label on the table
  11. Tailgate MOLLE system for under $10

    Super easy to install... See my thread I posted earlier today. You won’t be disappointed with the table. I also put a link for where I got it.
  12. Tailgate Table

    Yes I believe it does. Came with two sets of instructions, one with the rail and one if you don’t have it.
  13. Tailgate Table

    Perfect for Red Solo cups... Not going to work for bottles without some other mod...
  14. Tailgate Table

    Installed the Mopar Tailgate Table today... Relatively easy install. Hardest part was finding a 13mm drill bit. Had to drill 4 holes but they were clearly marked on the backside of the trim panel.
  15. What option did you give up?

    I didn’t necessarily “give up” the LED package, since I bought off the lot. Just about the only package she didn’t have. It has the Jeep Active Safety package so I have the LED taillights. Now to swap out everything up front...
  16. Red dash looks killer with doors off

    350 miles on my JLU Sahara, too late or early to trade it in for a Rubi? Lol. Loving the red dash with the other red accents...
  17. Anyone getting a custom vanity license plate?

    Not custom and need a new frame but these are the TN plates I went with...
  18. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    1 year music trial and 5 years traffic with the electronic infotainment system package.
  19. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Changed out the antenna for a 50 cal by Ronin Factory. Love the look and the reception seems fine in Nashville. I only listen to XM so really went for the look. Small changes coming: grab handles, fuel door, and cargo tray... The calm before the storm. Would like to tint the windows and put some...
  20. Black Hard Top vs. Body Color Hard Top

    Does anyone know if the new JL top will fit on a JK? I’m about to pick up a white Sahara with a black top. I’d like to order the body color top but don’t want to get stuck with 2 hard tops. I’ll have to wait for a while to get the white top if not compatible since there’s not really going to be...