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  1. JL AUS BUILD - TINT VLT Percentage of Front & Rear windows ?

    Hello, Can someone let me know the factory Tint VLT percentage of front & rear windows for JL Australia build ? I'm planning to have ceramic tint and the above info will help. Below is the allowed rule but i read in some other forums which says front is 25% and rear one is 20%. Bit confused...
  2. Rubicon wheels, thinking of selling...

    Is there any firm in melbourne who take the stock tyres ( before taking the vehicle from dealer ) Or replace/exchange it with other tyres ?
  3. Delivery dates

    How do you guys track the status ? When i checked with my dealer about VON, they said its not available. They can only provide an update once it is about to complete and in boat.. :facepalm::whew::headbang:
  4. JL Wrangler Australia

    "Protektiv HYDRO surface ceramic coating" - dealers are pushing or recommending this... anyone got any experience on this ? or suggestions ?
  5. JL Wrangler Australia

    Since we waited so long for JL, thought to wait for some more time to get MY20. Had a word with local dealer and as per him, we may get MY20 only by second quarter or mid 2020. This is because there is a overall delay in fulfilling JLR demands. As of now and as per him, there is no update from...
  6. Australian JL Rubicon Review

  7. Overland vs Rubicon

    Thanks for sharing your experience and advice on the above query. It helps me to finalise my decision. Just for everyone's knowledge, just sharing the details from the dealer on this. Regarding the suspension, dealer had attached a page from the vehicle specs in which he highlighted the...
  8. Overland vs Rubicon

    Hi All, I’m a newbie in the field of Jeep and I don’t have any prior driving experience on wrangler. I’m writing the below to get some advice or thoughts from the experienced people. Since JL announced in Australia, I’m visiting many dealers and trying to get a feel from the demo cars as well...