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  1. Mirrors for when doors are off (trail mirrors)?

    Easy to swap on and off and the foot pegs are useful.
  2. Non Rubicon Owners - Would you have paid for upgrades?

    Bare bones Sport besides AC, LSD, floor mats, tinted rear windows, and Sirius XM. Wanted a 2 door manual / something light and simple. I have to point to my kids the window crank and manual locks. Dana 30 has been a blessing to temper my mods. No regrets but in hindsight, would have paid FCA...
  3. Putting Rubicon 4.10 gears in my Sport S?

    Manny or auto? You notice the sluggishness more with the former.
  4. Windows & Doors off year round?

    I’m kicking myself for ever leaving San Diego and say go for it. I run doorless and windowless for as long as I can until it gets too cold in northern Virginia. No problem with moisture despite getting caught in heavy rainstorms. Compensate with a manual transmission, Jpeggz mirrors...
  5. Sway bar disconnect yes/no sport

    Well worth the 100 bucks for what you’re planning to do.
  6. Q4 and Full-Year 2020 Jeep Wrangler JL Sales Numbers Reported

    Jeez. Jeep sold more Cherokees than all of Chrysler, Fiat, and Alfa combined.

    How do you ingress / egress the front seats?
  8. Catalytic Converter Theft- what to do

    Besides inflation, I think palladium also popped after diesel-gate. Less demand for platinum which makes diesel cats and higher demand for palladium (gas cats). I’m going catless when they steal mine and will post on butt dyno and decibel levels. Hoping the tazer defeats those codes.
  9. Catalytic Converter Theft- what to do

    Probably a good correlation between cat thefts and palladium. Almost $600 greater than an ounce of gold.
  10. Is my Wrangler Sahara going to be worse offroad then my Cherokee Trailhawk?

    Did a handful of Moab rock crawling trails back in November. Kept up with my friends’ JK Rubis wearing 37s and a new acquaintance with a pretty much stock JL Rubi. No problems with the limited slip. However, there were obstacles where I wished I had their bigger tires and front locker. I‘m...
  11. Transfer Case Fluid?

    Here‘s a good transfer / manny tranny fluid diy thread. Outside of redline / amsoil nectar, looks like any ATF+4 will do.
  12. Black covers for grab bar hex nuts

    Here’s a partial solution...
  13. Guess Who I ran into today

    Sucks. You got over as far as you could without a shoulder and slowed down for him. Hope it’s an easy fix. Maybe Roscoe and Cooter can keep it from being reported to CARFAX.
  14. How much money have you wasted so far?

    I’ve pissed away a lot of money over the years. However, it never felt like a waste of money to upgrade the toys I love which includes my Jeep.
  15. 2 Door versus 4 Door in High Winds.

    Gonna be sporty / white knuckles. One benefit is his hardtop. You won’t have wind blowing between and separating the soft top roof and rear window on the windward side.
  16. Odd message on screen