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  1. Teraflex 2.2 In Stock Anywhere?

    Hi!!! Shooting you a PM :like:
  2. Dealer wants $660 to change differential fluid

    Don't forget a nose plug :CWL: -Julia
  3. Lost Rear Spring.

    Accidently ran the second half of poison spider in 4H. Found out coming down the Z by the beach :CWL: WHOOPSIES. We all make mistakes/go blonde for a sec. -Julia
  4. Help with color choice crystal grey vs. snazzberry

    I love the snazz in person and I'm a huge fan of grey as well. Be bold and different compared to the normal blend in colors! Easier to find in a parking lot too :CWL: -Julia
  5. Installed Coverking Topliner with sound deadening mat

    Sorry about the wait times on that. This would show you why it takes a bit + shipping hubs having massive delays.
  6. Is the JL the worst Jeep ever?

    Gah shoot sorry! Now you know at least. Also, check the "deals" tab on the main page for the latest promos (I also throw out a few posts giving the scoop). -Julia
  7. Is the JL the worst Jeep ever?

    Keep us posted after a few cruises! -Julia
  8. Light bar that will fit to my factory steel bumper?

    Welcome!! Personally, for me, I don't like the look as much of the lights on the bar but that's me. I mounted my lights on the winch plate since it came with tabs on it for lights or you can just tack on some tabs on the bar for lights if you're able to. Then the question arises of whether to...
  9. January '21 Deals/Codes

    Alright, verdict is $30 off $300 and over. So that tailgate table and maybe some Baja Designs S1 to shine in the back while you cook dinner at camp :rock:
  10. January '21 Deals/Codes

    Let me double-check with marketing and get back to you on it :)
  11. Cool Christmas Gift

    Thats pretty wicked! Now I need to get one of the pups and jeep :like: -Julia
  12. January '21 Deals/Codes

    Linked below is the page that gives the current codes for this month. Holler (PM) if you have questions 🤘 (Insert cool photo of my jeep doing something but the forum is lagging so it won't upload) Whatcha going to get?? -Julia
  13. RBP going out of business?

    Believe me when I say it goes both ways sometimes sadly. I'm not going to name names but After 3 calls, and 4 emails along with coworkers CC emailing the person needed, still no answer from said person. Bummed the customer couldn't get what they wanted because of it. -Julia
  14. Opinions on Hartop Headliner?

    Howdy! Coverking is currently experiencing delays hence the shipping date changes. They have had a large demand and plenty of people ordering through us. We as well as Coverking, I'm sure, appreciate any patience on it! -Julia
  15. Baja Designs Awesome LP Series Support Thread

    I have not heard a peep out of mine on my jeep nor the ones on our taco. And @cosine BD is a company whose quality speaks for itself. You will absolutely not regret them, we've run them for years and so has the company my partner works for. In terms of amazing companies, BD has been a pleasure...
  16. Killer deal on 40" STT Pros

    says only 1 in stock though :CWL:
  17. JLU vs Equinox shows steel bumper strength

    Whoa nelly! Glad you're ok! But dang ain't that the truth. Thankful to have the heavy-duty bumpers on.
  18. Members old and new -- check in and wave hello!

    Damn!! Welcome welcome! -Julia
  19. Oi! I Have a Discount For Yall!

    AND today/tomorrow, you get can get $100 Giftcards for $90 or $50 Giftcards for $45. No codes needs. Perfect for last-minute Christmas gifts!
  20. Recommendations for CB/VHF Radio?

    There's some sort of ham radio test they would like people to take but obviously, you can use it without the license.