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  1. Seeking 2018 JLU Hard Top - Silver Billet!

    I would consider having a body shop paint it. But before you do that, put a Want to Buy and/or Willing to Trade in the classifieds on this forum. I did that and even though it took awhile, a member on here contacted me and I bought his Billet Silver Hard Top.
  2. Would 5'6" wife have issues climbing in / out of Rubicon?

    No. They are almost the same height. Best bet would to go visit a dealer and let her climb in one.
  3. Balance and Rotation

    Just curious what type of machine your son's DT uses to balance wheels? We have no DT around here and I'll never have a need for beadlocks so it really is just curiosity. Hunter Road Force is supposed to be among the best balance machines and at times calls for the tire to be spun on the wheel...
  4. Front door skins popping and separating

    Yeah a pic may help. My 2018 door skins look the same, inside around the seam and out, as the day I brought it home.
  5. Operation Mall Crawler: Michigan to Virginia to collect 40s for the mall

    Awesome story and nice pics! It's great you and your wife were able to get away for a quick trip and score some wheels and tires. Also sweet you all could surprise your buds with the different setup!
  6. Metal Oil Filter Housing Cap

    Are these leaky problems from Jeeps where your guys changed the oil under the free oil change program? Haven't seen this as a big issue on here at all...
  7. Metal Oil Filter Housing Cap

    My wife's Toyota uses a plastic/composite (whatever non-metal filter holder) and they are fine. As long as you don't think tight is good and tighter is better lol. They have rubber gaskets to seal. You don't make as tight as you can to seal. She has over 60K leak free miles on it.
  8. Squeaky rubber seals

    I use 303 and it works great. Provides UV protectant for rubber and plastic too.
  9. What do you call a Jeep Wrangler?

    I just say my/the Jeep. But outside of that it's most similar to a SUV. Definitely not a car. But if someone else calls it a car, I don't care.
  10. Back Glass Blowout

    That sucks. I haven't seen anybody else have this happen but hope you get your warranty approved.
  11. Dealer sold me a maintenance package?

    Your best bet is to call or visit the dealer that sold you the maintenance plan. My dad bought a new GMC Sierra earlier this year and also bought some kind of maintenance plan. He changed his mind within a week of buying it and was able to get a refund.
  12. Should I order the Tow Package?

    Yes, definitely order it.
  13. Is there a shortage of 2-Door Wranglers (with manual transmissions)?

    There is no shortage of 2 door Jeeps (with or without manuals), just a lack of demand. That's why you don't see more. I have yet to see a JL (2 door) around here and I can't go very far without seeing another Jeep. Definitely order if you can't find what your looking for. A few dealers here...
  14. Does nobody love bare bones Jeeps anymore?!

    I'm not buying bare bones anything. Nope! My first car had no a/c and roll up windows because I was a broke teenager and that's all I could afford at the time...
  15. New 2021 JLUR Bright white

    Congratulations on the new Wrangler and welcome to the forum! Looks great!
  16. Desert Does It - We make Seat Jackers and seat mount Molle panels

    I'm completely happy with my front seat position. How about some to recline the rear bench seat? My kids don't complain but I've sat back there briefly and a little recline would be nice.
  17. 2021 Alpine Sound System Quality?

    The 8.4 with the upgraded Alpine audio is a great deal and sounds great. Adding the 8.4 later has caused some on here issues when it's time for a software upgrade.
  18. 2018 JLU Sport 4 dr - upgrade to Rubicon Suspension, wheels and tires

    The price, including parts and install, seems very fair. Know that Rubicon lower control arms are the same length as all other model Wranglers. Your dealer should know this, but better to be informed so you don't pay for what you already have. A slightly longer lower control is not a bad...
  19. Any regrets going automatic?

    Absolutely no regrets going auto... It does it's job very well.
  20. Which one would you buy

    Yeah get the Sahara and you aren't giving up much if any off-roading by going Sahara over the Rubi...