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  1. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I hooked up an inverter to power my water heater and cool my fridge down in an extended power outage. Nice shower! Widespread power outage in Western Washington right now.
  2. Rubicon owners . Dash display

    My 20 Rubicon says Rubicon.
  3. 3rd Gear Grind manual Transmission

    Did you just have a grind or was it hard to get into gear? I’m having problems getting into 3rd. It feels like a lockout is engaged and I have to back off, then push into 3rd again. At first it was only under heavy throttle, but now it happens under any throttle condition.
  4. Is there a speed limiter? *Serious*

    Yeah, don’t bypass that. Kinetic Energy increases exponentially with increased speed and if you lose control that energy has to go into you or flying debris if you wreck. If you want to drive fast, the wrangler is the wrong way to enjoy speed.
  5. Do Higher Trim Owners Look Down on us Sport/Sport S owners?

    I have a Rubicon and am jealous of the smarter, more disciplined owners of Sports and Sport S’s. I couldn’t give up my creature comforts like proximity locks and a full warranty with factory lift/lockers. I think there are definitely some drivers that have it as a status symbol rather than a...
  6. Things you have learned the Hard way about owning a Jeep.

    Funny, I bought a Rubicon and learned I was tempted to just mod everything anyway so next round will be a Sport S.
  7. Radio Shutting off, and Clock Resetting.

    Stupid question, did people check their fuses to be sure they were seated? If they haven't been seated, did you check the contacts for corrosion? I've seen people find this issue from 18's to 21's. Not sure how its gone on that long. I'm also skeptical it will solve your problems, but if it does...
  8. JLU vs Equinox shows steel bumper strength

    True, but I think momentum complicates things. A small vehicle like a crossover or sedan/coupe needs to crumple because it will be the one to change directions and place the occupant under a big impulse (I think that's the physics word). Crumple zones mitigate this impulse to make it manageable...
  9. How much Off MSRP???

    I didn’t check your ZIP code. I just moved from there a few months ago. I was on the Halfmoon side of the highway. I never got to enjoy the area, do it for me!
  10. How much Off MSRP???

    Most people compare to invoice price. That being said, you did the legwork and have a good deal for your area. Don’t listen to the people suggesting you did it wrong because you didn’t get X% off of invoice price. I got mine “used” with under 75 miles on it, but there will still be those...
  11. Using a Rubicon as a daily driver

    My JLUR is a winter/precipitation DD. For any considering it, I love it. That being said, my wife has back injuries from her military service and can barely stand it. I have similar injuries, but do fine in the driver’s seat. The 2-door was another animal entirely for me during test drive. I...
  12. When You're in a "Mixed Marriage"

    For those of us who rent, it is usually in boilerplate leases to shovel within 24 hours. I’m assuming that’s because the local ordinance authority sends the bill to the owner, not the resident.
  13. Hero's Journey Ad Featuring the Wrangler

    The expression isn't weird. Maybe that's because I left home early for career opportunities in college/military/city. We're still family, but forever different because I left the country/farm. Doesn't matter who I vote for, I'm a hippy who followed work to California.
  14. Peddle Extentions

    Twine and wood blocks, like the farm tractor? Not helpful, but I’m 6’2” and also have to sit pretty far forward. If the seat dropped further I’d be able to sit further back. Have you asked the dealership? They might be able to do it for free since you bought it from them and they want to keep...
  15. earning money at end of lease

    Are you referring to buying it at the end of the lease then trying to “flip” it? I’ve heard of lease credit but never seen it in action. Maybe if you plan to lease another and can “roll over” some value with the same bank/manufacturer combo.
  16. Does nobody love bare bones Jeeps anymore?!

    If my wrangler wasn’t a winter commuter, I’d be on the stripped down bandwagon. If I get to the point I maintain 3 vehicles, it will be a car, HD truck/winter commuter, and a base wrangler with custom upgrades. Hopefully that explains why some of us have the option heavy trims we do. We need to...
  17. 2021 Alpine Sound System Quality?

    I just ordered a Colorado LT Redline for my wife with the Bose system, good to hear it is well executed. The Bose in my Subaru is garbage compared to the Harman Kardon in my previous Subaru, so I've kind of re-shuffled Bose into the lower tier of factory options.
  18. 2021 Alpine Sound System Quality?

    I find I get a lot of the details out of my music I was missing in the base stereos of my Jetta, wife's Colorado, and the Wrangler base radio on a test drive. However, it's no Harman Kardon. I've never found a stereo that is as good as my Impreza Sport was out of the factory or otherwise. I also...
  19. how much did you pay for your Jeep?

    I paid a similar amount for my ‘20. I think it stickered for about $55.5k. Someone bought it new, was told “no” by the wife, and traded it in to Land Rover with under 75 miles on it. No dual top, only hard top, and no leather. Otherwise loaded, but Wranglers are popular in greater Seattle area. . .
  20. Washington SOLD: Black Premium JLU Soft Top, Seattle Area, $1000

    My screen name has now fulfilled its purpose.