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  1. Just ordered my 392!

    I doubt Texas has any special requirement, maybe it’s the Hellcat version. I did ask if they could throw a supercharger on it. LOL I call my dealership tomorrow and ask what it is.
  2. Just ordered my 392!

    Beat the heck out of me, I didn’t order any xtra special equipment! Does anyone know what special equipment is? Sales code #99762A what is this?
  3. Just ordered my 392!

    so i went by my dealership today, BX - good order availabel for scheduling. I got my VON # 11-20-20 the day after the order banks opened. The last time I went by the dealership 12-16- 20 I was BG - Order has passed edit but cannot be considered for scheduling, and still showing =Restriction...
  4. 4XE Edition JL Club Thread

    congratulations on your discount wish I was able to get that much on my 392 order heck I don’t even know how much it’s going to cost but my dealership is honoring the Tread Lightly Affiliate discount with 1% below MSRP. No loss to them they recoup that discount back from FCA. Money is no...
  5. 4XE Edition JL Club Thread

    Affiliate program discount Tread Lightly Discount not available for 4xe
  6. "Coming January 2021" is BS, right?

    They want the 4xe out first to the dealers/customers building them now. 392 should be next thinking 3rd week in January, dealership delivery mid late March but who knows?
  7. IF you were buying a new JL and all of the engines were available which one would you get? Why?

    Why did you leave out the 6.4 Hemi, this is true case of engine racism you know this is a jeep wrangler JL engine too
  8. Preproduction Jeep Rubicon 392 at Orlando Show

    Those quad exhaust tail pipes are going to get flattened. They look great but won’t last long out on the rocks, will end up cutting them off.
  9. RUBICON 392 Edition JL Club Thread

    Based off your MSRP $83205, the base price MSRP should be $72955. 392 option price $30565. My ordered 392 MSRP should be $78220, sky touch, tailgate reinforcement and front camera
  10. RUBICON 392 Edition JL Club Thread

    What other options did you get besides sky one touch and half doors? Front camera etc?
  11. What modifications are you planning for your 392?

    Shop around to get the best price I paid 2k for fenders doors hood grill exoshield and window tint, my xpel stops at the window none on the roof pillars or tail gate.
  12. Just ordered my 392!

    Received this email today, glad I didnt order 4xe, Looks like the Tred Lighty discount is a go for the 392
  13. Tread Lightly Discount on the 392

    i emailed FCA Affiliate Rewards Program last week asking if the Tread Lighty Discount would be eligible on the 392. Received this email today.
  14. What modifications are you planning for your 392?

    I guess you could get them powdered coated bronze but I will probably just live with the red for the time being. I have been running on the nomads for over a year on my 19 Rubi never had a problem they balance well and 13 15 psi never throws bead. Plus the automatic deflator nobs and rash rings...
  15. What modifications are you planning for your 392?

    My Black 392 is going to get a see through bra and go on a diet. 1. XPEL paint protection Grill, Hood, Fenders and Doors no more scratches. With the painted fenders this is a must have upgrade. I have XPEL on my 2019 Black Rubi and paint looks amazing and takes a beating...
  16. Just ordered my 392!

    Don’t feel bad I ordered on the 19th got my VOH# on the 11/20 went by the dealer yesterday still no vin. I told them a lot of 392 vin’s showing up they said give it 48 hours, sigh at least my status is BX.
  17. 392 includes mandatory Selec-Trac and CV joints. Is this a fatal flaw for anyone?

    Just another reason why I ordered Black. Black Roof, Black fenders problem solved. Will have the entire Jeep wrap with XPEL wrap And the gold bronze accents will look awesome with black just like bandit Trans Am’s
  18. RUBICON 392 Edition JL Club Thread

    The very 1st thing I’m replacing are those heavy narrow rubbing ugly wheel space needed jeep 392 mopar wheel. One of the biggest disappointments with the 392., When I first saw the concept with 37’s I thought the finally got it right.