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  1. Help with Wheel specs.

    This is my 1st Jeep, So i am not sure what works or doesnt. Was hoping to get some expertise on wheels selection. I have a 2021 JLU Diesel, stock config currently. BUT I do plan on getting a 2.5 Lift on the vehicle in the near future. I want to go with 35s on it. I have my eyes on some wheels...
  2. Texas Brand New OEM Trailer Hitch with Hardware

    Brand new Never used $135 Shipped
  3. Texas Like new Steer Smart Front Track Bar in ALL BLACK

    Like new Steer Smart Front Track Bar in ALL BLACK. Ran this for no more than 500 Miles Located in Houston TX Picked up $200 Otherwise + Shipping
  4. Your 3.0L Diesel's MPG's, share with the class.

    I drove 400 miles this weekend. And i got only 23.1 MPG going @ 70-85 Mph on the interstate.
  5. Problem re-centering steering wheel after lift

    Hahaha it was worth a shot Hope you get your steering fix soon
  6. Problem re-centering steering wheel after lift

    Should pick up some synergy tie rod and draglink from me in case the OE is broken! ;)
  7. DEF Usage

    I have got only about 1k miles on my DJLUR But according to my dash screen, the DEF level havent moved an inch since i bought it? Is this normal?
  8. LOD Rock Sliders? Armor Lite vs Destroyer Series?

    Does anyone know the torque spec for the bolts to the Frame on these LOD sliders?
  9. Tuff shine tire kit

    I have used the Tufshine in the past on regular tires not all terrain. Getting it lay down evenly was hard already, i cant imagine how it will be like on a AT tire. And if you dont even out the bubble it will dry out with the bubble on the tire as well
  10. Tuff shine tire kit

    How did you get it nice and even on the big tread block?
  11. Mopar stainless gas & brake pedal install

    This honestly sound like a stupid question But I can’t seem to get the gas pedal cover installed. It is like the Mopar pedal is way too small to fit over the existing and the locking tab would not clear the thickness of the existing gas pedal anyone can shed some light on this ?
  12. Synergy Tie Rod & Draglink , Smittubily SRC Side Armor , Mopar Rock Rails

    Brand New Mopar Tow Hitch Comes with Hardware $150 Picked up Brand New Smittybilt SRC Side Armor Steps for 18-21 JL 4 Door I had test fitted the Pass side step, but was never driven with it installed on the vehicle. Looking for $250 Picked up in the Houston Area Like New Synergy Draglink...
  13. Texas Like New Synergy Draglink & Tie Rod - Houston TX

    Like New Synergy Draglink and Tie Rod set up. Ran this set up for less than 500 Miles. Pass side tie rods on both components are brand new. As i had tear the boot during removal. So i bought 2 brand new tie rods to replace them. $550 Picked up in Houston TX. Otherwise + Shipping.
  14. LOD Rock Sliders? Armor Lite vs Destroyer Series?

    Thanks for the input. Can you elaborate what and why made it difficult to install? I like the idea of the FIXED brackets as i wouldnt have to make adjustments and it SHOULD contour as designed right out of the box VS The armor lite that have separate brackets that can be tweaked in terms of...
  15. LOD Rock Sliders? Armor Lite vs Destroyer Series?

    I have been on the hunt for some steps / sliders. I wanted something that is easy bolt on and off, that will not give me any fitment issue. The biggest choice was between Roam and LOD. But i am leaning more towards LOD than anything else. Saw LOD have a few variance of their steps, and was...
  16. 2020 JLUR front axle sensor

    yea I damaged the wires that plugs into that sensor I figure it is part of a large harness But not sure what that harness is
  17. 2020 JLUR front axle sensor

    Sir do you happen to know the part number for the wiring that goes to the sensor that OP is asking lol