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  1. Emergency Equipment/Tools to keep in the jeep!

    Hello everyone, Looking for suggestions as to what specific equipment / tools I should include in my emergency roadside kit to keep in our jeep. Thanks! Brian
  2. Holiday Jeeps

    Nice tree especially with the flag in the background- looks good!!
  3. Holiday Jeeps

    How did you do that?? Looks awesome 👌
  4. Holiday Jeeps

    I guess reindeers can fly!
  5. Holiday Jeeps

    Love the wreath on the spare!!
  6. Holiday Jeeps

    Hi everyone, Now that Thanksgiving is over, anyone have some holiday jeep shots!? We went today to get our tree! Had a great time strapping our tree on top of Sherman!
  7. What would you buy for your jeep with a $50 gift card?

    Hi everyone, I recently received a $50 gift card and looking for some ideas. What would you get for $50 or less? Thanks!
  8. Freedom top leak

    Checking in to see if this was corrected.
  9. What did you name your Jeep JL?

    Hello, I have a Sarge Green JLUR and named it Thumper!! My kids like the thump sound it makes when we go off road.
  10. New JLUR owner, and its green!

    Thank you so much!! It was worth the weight! I also verified that Lucky was born on July 13, 2020 at 600am with the newly updated steering box. The box is aluminum, but it has the updated number.
  11. New JL Steering Gear Box - 68250506AE

    If its the one, why is it aluminum??
  12. New JLUR owner, and its green!

    My wife and i have been waiting for 15 years for the right wrangler and we saw it, it was a no brainer. One question, where is the steering box located? I wanted to see if we got the new steering box.
  13. New JLUR owner, and its green!

    Hello everyone, Just wanted to say hi and introduce Lucky, 3.6L v6, automatic and a lot of love!