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  1. First Oil Change: How Many Miles/Oil Preference?

    @Rhinebeck01 thank you for the info and life advice! :) I was more concerned about the long drive and the impact on the oil life/engine from it, but if you say it doesn't really make that big of a difference, I can definitely take the rest of the situation into consideration with my decision...
  2. First Oil Change: How Many Miles/Oil Preference?

    I'm just over 3,000 miles but about to embark on a move from FL to TX. Do you recommend I do my jeep wave first oil change here at my local dealership before the 1300 mile drive, or wait until after ?? Thanks in advance for the advice.
  3. Jeep Wave Etiquette

    LOVE my jeep.
  4. Jeep Wave Etiquette

    I'm also a female, first time jeep owner. My sales guy actually made sure to lecture me about the jeep wave before I drove off. At first I thought he was joking, but now, i'm always waving!!
  5. Cracked Windshield Club

    1800 miles in, and i'm now part of the club. Florida jeepers, did y'all know that with comprehensive coverage, there is no deductible for replacing the windshield??? Waiting to get mine on Tuesday! Hope it's the right part number. :fingerscrossed:
  6. JL FOB Holsters

    Recieved my fob holster along with my jeep wave package. Stickers!!! The holster is beautiful and the bag it comes in is a very nice touch. Now I can clip the fob to my purse, rather than dig around just to unlock. Great work Mark!!!!!
  7. Bright White grille turning yellow

    Mine is yellowing as well. Jeep cares states the official fix is painting. I'm assuming I should wait for a better fix? It's not hella yella yet, so I feel like I can wait.
  8. Jeep Wave program apparently includes full synthetic oil change?

    When should the first oil change occur? Should I be asking the service manager exactly what oil they are using?
  9. JL hardtop removal

    With the topsy brackets, and maybe some modification to the straps, would this work? 125# capacity.
  10. Paint pitting and rust

    Exactly why I love this community. Thanks, y'all. I'm familiar with the clay bar process, I've done it before on my other cars. I failed to mention, not only is this my first jeep, it's my first white vehicle. Every thing is so visible! Anyone with a granite jl looking to trade for white...
  11. Paint pitting and rust

    First time jeeper, here. Got my bright white jlu sport exactly a month ago, 850 miles so far and garage kept. During the first wash today, I noticed pitting on the hood and rust spots. What gives? What should I do? Really appreciate the feedback and good info on this forum, by the way. I'm...
  12. What did you name your Jeep JL?

    Wyatt the White Wrangler... because i like alliteration.
  13. Jeeps on the Beach... Post Em Up!

    First time jeep owner here! Kayak fishing in tampa bay. Wyatt the wrangler was 1 week old in that photo! :) now at 1 month!!! I'm in love.
  14. JL FOB Holsters

    :facepalm: hahaha
  15. JL FOB Holsters

    Just placed my order! Light tan because who doesn't love how leather patinas. Nice work!