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  1. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    Went to Moab over the weekend... it was snowing so couldn’t do all the great trails but still had a great time.. can’t wait to go back
  2. Anyone running LUX rock lights?

    I appreciate it greatly. so with one smart phone controller can I have zone 1 (4rgb)go to one switch on the switch pro and zone 2 (8rgb) go to another switch and power them on and off at separate times without the phone or would I need two controllers at that point. I do understand that with...
  3. Anyone running LUX rock lights?

    Hello I have a question and it seems you are quite familiar with this system. I have a switch pro and my plan is to have 8 piece rgb as my rock lights under the keep and 4 piece rgb for my fenders. My ultimate goal is to be able to power them separately (the 8 and the 4 ) on different...
  4. Mopar protection extended plan buy back

    Didn’t they get rid of lifetime warranty a couple years ago?..
  5. American adventure lab arb twin compressor mount w remote fitting

    I have the remote fitting and my air filter up there so I can bring some colder air inside the tub. I am not running the shelf platform
  6. American adventure lab arb twin compressor mount w remote fitting

    Is anyone running the mount plus remote fitting on their jl?? If you can share how your running the air hose and air filter hose.. what’s the cleanest way to hide this and into the cab?. I’m pretty sure it’s under the plastic some how but it’s so tight.. also there’s no space for it to be ran...
  7. Steering Fix TSB 08-074-20 Crowdsourced Dealership Survey. Add Your Experience.

    I have a 2020jl and dealer said they will do it. I have very slight play. Is this worth it.. can I possibly make it worse? I ask bc I read that some guy it made it worse..
  8. fox 2.5 dsc high low adjustment

    Hello, I installed this along with a 3.5 gamechanger. I had it revalved at accutune. but when i mess around with the adjustments i cant feel a difference... does anyone with this shock notice a real difference on the settings?

    Looking at the dometic cx75... does this fit straight in or do i have to put it in horizontally in my trunk space taking up the whole trunk? I like this unit becuase it is the smallest fridge that offers different compartment for the freezer. i need ice cream
  10. Fox 2.0 ATS Steering Stabilizer Relocation

    I have minor wobble which i think the ats will fix .. what does the drag link and tie rod exactlly do? I have the gamechanger so using their track bars... Im just wondering if i shoudl upgrade to the steer smart drag link and tie rod.
  11. Fox 2.0 ATS Steering Stabilizer Relocation

    Do you have any idea why the no would leave the clamp and relocation stud out of the no version? Is the ats itself the same?
  12. CASTER 6 or 5.5???

    How does it drive better with more caster? What improves?? Vibrations? Shaking? Wandering? after I installed the lift kit with 37 mien startedshaking bad when Ihit a bump ... then I had the shop set my caster higher at 6.3-6.4 and take the metal cloak steering relocation bracket as it...
  13. Lift and comfort help

    You can Have them re valved to your off road likings them t
  14. Lift and comfort help

    3.0 will be way stiffer than 2.5 You can always get a relvalving company to revolve them to make it softer.
  15. Jmatt's Sting Gray Build

    Nice set up I have the exact same except mine is custom valved by accutune off-road.. I just played around with the settings and idk I can’t tell the difference in the setting from soft to maximum... it’s weird. 1. how many pucks are youusing for the back? I see you have three in the front...
  16. New JL Steering Gear Box - 68250506AE

    I’m seeing on other thread that the new steering box is black... yours is like mine and it seems like it’s the old one... Im confused now
  17. Metal cloak 3.5 and death wobble

    Hello I just installed the metal cloak game changer with oc Motorsports a local shop... installed Adams driveshaft front and rear with 37 BFF km3.. there is a lot of shaking andonce I hit a bump ping 40-50 itwobbles. I don’t think this is normal. They set the caster at 5.9 they did relocate the...