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  1. Vinyl Wrap

    3M Matte Brown Mettalic 1089-M209 A year later, I still get comments daily.
  2. Vibrating speaker bar

    This started recently on mine on the passenger side and it is practically unusable. Should the dealer fix this? If not, why?
  3. Possible reason the JL key fob is so big - waterproof

    Add me to the list of "testers". NOT, waterproof. Almost got stuck at the beach but did remember you can push the start button with the fob and ...voila. I had the doors off but the back locked. Didn't even realize there was a keyhole in back because I never had a use for it. Was glad to see...
  4. Quick Mods...go!

    How exactly are y’all doing that? Thanks
  5. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I don't think I got them from the dealership. What do they look like and where were they in your vehicle?
  6. Jeepin' the dream.

    Endless amazing pictures. So motivated to plan a trip.
  7. Jeepin' the dream.

    I LOVE this thread. Thank you so much for sharing and ping me if you make it back through San Diego.
  8. JL negotiating better than invoice price?

    Sorry, just noticed your post. It was "San Diego Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram on Camino del Rio S. I left out a couple of hiccups that left me not feeling the warm fuzzies about the dealership though.
  9. Looking for my fellow Long there anybody out there? color matching hard top has been off for nearly 3 months and I imagine it won't be on again until November.
  10. Looking for my fellow Long there anybody out there?

    Yes...From Rockville Centre but I moved a lil West.
  11. PLEASE FILL OUT - Wind Noise Survey

    "Excessive" is awfully subjective. I feel like only JK owners are qualified to answer that. That said, I said no. I did, however, rent a JK in Tennessee last week and although I found it mostly comparatively "blech"...I was surprised that I did not find it to be louder in spite of the raked...
  12. Fellow Dog Lovers

    I had her on a harness and secured in the middle by tying to both sides. She's my first pup so I don't have much experience and this was a 10 minute drive. It felt secure for gentle travel but an accident would be awful. She certainly liked it better than the crate but I'm open to advice.
  13. Editorial: Take the Long Way Home

    I think all fellow motorcyclists and many Jeepers know what it's like to take a shortcut home from that adds 25+miles. For me a very short detour on the way in or home to visit the Pacific and count my blessings is rarely a bad idea.
  14. Im getting close. I don't know if that 3 piece kit is worth $2,000. Im not even sure if I want or

    Wow, you look like a really nice guy. Your smile looks genuine and you both look very happy. Good luck with your purchase. All that said, Wow...what a collosal waste of time and energy for you and everyone that helped you in the process. Hopefully it will all help cement your decision for...