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  1. Texas JTopsUSA Full Sun Shade JLU $150

    Sold. Thx.
  2. Frame Mounted Receiver Hitch—SOLD

    Frame mounted receiver hitch for Jeep Wrangler JL. Includes bolts, does not include wiring.
  3. Texas SOLD--Quadratec's 5 Layer Softbond Cab cover $50

    Great condition, only used once. No rips or tear. Comes with a carrying case. For use with the doors on.
  4. Texas JTopsUSA Full Sun Shade JLU $150

    Great condition, only used for a few months. No rips or tears. Black color.
  5. Texas SOLD--OEM Rubicon Rock Rails JLU-$75

    OEM Rock Rails from JLU. These are Rubicon take offs in great shape, no dents or big scratches. They bolt right on to a JL 4 dr. Wrangler.
  6. MAGIC....Auto Start/Stop Disabled Itself

    My Jeep was in the shop for 3 weeks to have this fixed. They finally replaced the aux battery and a module (I think). They had to get FCA involved as well. This was my 2nd repair, we'll see how long it lasts.
  7. (mostly sold, moved to colorado) Rubicon takeoffs 4500 miles DFW

    Do you still have the bumpers? I'm in North Dallas. Thx.
  8. Power lag between shifting (Manual)

    I have the same issue with no torque below 2,000 RPMs. You just have to rev it hard to keep it in the power band. I also agree that the rev hang is really annoying.
  9. For those who have taken apart their dash...

    I have a squeak coming from the dash/steering column area. The first time I took it to the dealer, they told me they could not duplicate the concern. I took it back today and took the advisor for a ride with me. He kind of heard it a couple of times, but he's not tuned into it like I am...
  10. Going topless and not have anything stolen

    Does anyone have a solution to this? I need to park my JLUS in my driveway with the top off and am worried that someone can take it out of gear and release the parking brake. Does the steering wheel lock so you can least do that? Thx.
  11. M/T a bit frustrating

    I won't shift my Sahara into 5th below 70 mph because the RPM's drop below 2,000, and as most of you have experienced, there is no torque below 2K. It took some getting used to as my previous manual trans cars all had better gear ratios. 70+ for 5th gear and 80+ for 6th. If you leave it in...
  12. This 6 Speed is...interesting.

    I find that I can't shift my Sahara to 5th until at least 70 mph, and 6th is useless below 80. The engine has no torque below 2,000 RPM, so you need to keep it above that speed. I usually need to downshift for hills unless I'm going fast enough to keep the RPM's above 2,000.
  13. How well do stock Rubi rock rails perform

    I replaced the running boards on my JLUS with Rubicon rock rail take offs and I think they look much better than the boards. I don't feel like I'm driving a mall crawler, even though I spend a lot of time commuting. I did take them on some easy trails and they worked great.
  14. Honest Feedback Requested 6 Speed Manul

    I have 8K on my 2018 JLU Sahara and have a few complaints about the 6sp. I don't mind the low first gear as much as I don't like the tall 6th. I can't use 6th at anything under 80, and 5th is only good between 70-75. I've learned to hold my shift until I can get into the next gear without the...
  15. Adding proximity locks retroactively?

    I called Quadratec and they only have the replacement handles, not the other hardware to add this to a non-proximity key vehicle. He directed me back to the dealer. He also told me that it will most likely be a year before they come out with a complete kit.
  16. Oklahoma selling ocean blue painted hardtop 2019 JL unlimited 4 door.

    Any chance you’re looking to trade for a black hard top? I’m in Dallas. Thx.
  17. Ocean Blue: black or body-colored top & fenders?

    I have the printed fenders with the black top. It was the only one with a manual transmission. I would prefer the painted top, so if anyone wants to trade, I’m in TX.
  18. Ocean Blue: black or body-colored top & fenders?

    Where did you get those blue half doors?