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  1. Hardtop creaking

    Damn, I was all cuddled up in my bed and you made me get up and take this pic. There is a rubber foam type seal on mine.
  2. Hardtop creaking

    Take the top off. Creaking sound gone. Problem solved. Seriously though, I don’t know what to tell you. I know that personally I found it hard to believe that my creaking sounds were the real seal, I tried the lube and it worked for me. Sounds are gone. They’ll creep back and I wipe the seal...
  3. Hardtop creaking

    I read on here some time ago that if you use dawn liquid soap on the rear tailgate seals it stops the creaking sounds. I’ve have confirmed this before. You don’t need much, just coat the rubber seal lightly.
  4. New York Apple AirPods Pro

    Received them just now, they’re great @Respo ^^^ He’s Awesome fellow Jeeper that’s a great seller on this forum! Thank you
  5. New York Apple AirPods Pro

    I’ll take them if you still have them.
  6. Sun shade for JL Wrangler

    That was an option that I paid extra for when ordering.
  7. Steer Smart setup, what stabilizer?

    Would this Synergy bracket work with the stock rubicon setup or does your Jeep have to be lifted? I bought the ss yeti track bar but yet to install. Personally, I just want to beef up the parts that matter most. I don’t plan on lifting my rubicon or adding bigger tires.
  8. California Rubicon Steel Bumpers (Bay Area)

    Damn, wished you were closer. I’d buy your set in a heartbeat. If you’re willing to ship to 79109, give me a shout.
  9. Issues contacting Morris 4x4

    I have to comment that @Morris4x4 has made it right with me also. I’ll certainly buy from them again!!
  10. Issues contacting Morris 4x4

    The fox shocks I received from Morris are wrong. Three of them have the old bushings that won’t work and only one front stock has the correct bushing. On top of that, one looks like it’s been attempted to be installed before. I’ve been on hold for an hour and a half. I just gave up. I guess...
  11. Mopar Satin Black Grill

    I upgraded. Very easy install and the trim pieces were also easy.
  12. North Dakota Like new JL/JT Sunrider for hardtop Black Twill

    Willing to ship? 79109 Let me know if you are
  13. Where to get Gladiator Grill Inserts?

    Why don’t you guys just leave the inserts off? My brother’s ‘17 Recon doesn’t have inserts. That way you get all the air you want with no restrictions.
  14. Fox 2.0 shocks review - stock height, can you even flex bro?

    My order came yesterday from them with the new style sleeves. But I only got 3. LOL The other shock will be here next week.
  15. Missouri For Sale - Sunrider for Hardtop (30-oz Black Twill) - 18-20 JL/JLU

    If this is still available what would shipping be to 79109?
  16. Ohio FS: 2020 Rubicon Red Tow Hook Set

    Would you take $100 shipped? 79109
  17. Colorado FS: 2020 Hard Top, 4 door, Black Textured

    Thanks for the sale, I found the parts on Quadratec that my soft top was missing. Everything is a.o.k. Good sale from a good seller!
  18. Colorado FS: 2020 Hard Top, 4 door, Black Textured

    Is this top still for sale?
  19. Sun shade for JL Wrangler

    They charged me extra for the red metal painted handles and nubs. My Rubi has the red stitching on my seats, I guess it’s hard to tell.