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  1. Is Soft Top Lack of Security a Farce?

    The counter argument is thieves are stupid, lazy, usually in a hurry, and seldom even look in a vehicle before breaking in. My experience as a southern California cop was they will walk right by a hard top in favor of a soft top. Tom
  2. Is Soft Top Lack of Security a Farce?

    Yep, I always left mine unlocked, figured if a thief wanted something they could take it. It didn't matter. At a crowded restaurant slit top. $500 deductible. Latest vehicle - hard top; increased security maybe not, but probably less attractive to unskilled thief.
  3. The Jeep Gladiator is Struggling

    Yeah, I'd be in a hurry for sure to pick the bad ass at the fat and ugly partner dance; they all cook and can make their own clothes. :LOL:
  4. Can this be patched?

    Dunno ... some people should just pay $$$ for tire road hazard insurance; others can be happy with a simple 5 minute plug repair completed by the owner without even removing the wheel from the vehicle. The most difficult part is usually finding the puncture. :whew: If I wanted to spend the...
  5. Can this be patched?

    With TPMS and a spare it's a no brainer; Gumby Worm.
  6. ESS poll~ love it, hate it, leave it?

    A lot of interesting discussion here, I control my ESS completely with my brake pedal. Only engage it when I know I'll be sitting for a while (almost never). Don't even think about it anymore, try easing the brake as you come to a stop no button or hood switch disconnect required...I also no...
  7. Bestop - Rebates are Back - In a Big Way!

    Direct from Bestop, coupon Gearz2020 gives 20% discount, only till 31 March (3 more days). See the thread: Bestop on Stacey David's Gearz
  8. Bestop - Rebates are Back - In a Big Way!

    Hate to reply to myself but I moved into the bought column and ordered the Sunrider with the instant $170 discount Gearz2020 coupon. THANKS! Tom
  9. Anyone buying stock like crazy right now?

    I'm retired USMC, retired LEO, and my wife's retired USN and am also grateful for our pensions but have always put savings into the market. It's much easier trading now once we realized I was playing with our kids' money. :whew:
  10. Anyone buying stock like crazy right now?

    Simple, Boeing was not in serious piss poor management induced coitus pre-Corona, they were in the process of recovering (trading $320-$370). It is inarguably in our best interest to ensure continued US airliner production; making it pretty much a foreseeable consequence that the sole US...
  11. Anyone buying stock like crazy right now?

    My opinion is you are still mistaken concerning both cause and effect. :facepalm:
  12. Daily Driver Mods?

    Jeep is the only vehicle I've ever owned that's structure seems to be so commonly highly modified right off the show room floor. Just because mine rides to my expectations I understand and sympathize with those owners whose vehicles don't.
  13. Daily Driver Mods?

    My wife says my JL drives better than her Rav4 but worse than my Z4 ... I agree:like:
  14. Daily Driver Mods?

    ... and on the flip side I'm always surprised when someone expects an expensive truck to drive the same as an expensive sports car just because they both are expensive; the driving experiences do seem to be converging more than diverging though. ;)
  15. Post pics of your MUSCLE cars!

    Not muscle by today's standards but my Vintage Miata Ford 5.0, Monster Motosports #1 plated conversion, cover of AutoWeek mag 1989; still have it.
  16. Corona Gorilla in the room...

    No need; I decided your non-partisan review was sufficiently convincing. :clap:
  17. Corona Gorilla in the room...

    He specifically referenced the mass hysteria media generated TP supply chain shortage. There is no real TP shortage until people have to use both sides of the paper.
  18. Corona Gorilla in the room...

    Texas closed bars, restaurants, and will be taking more extreme measures following the announcement of their first Corona fatality ... a male “in his upper ninety’s”. (Austin news Monday)
  19. Corona Gorilla in the room...

    As usual world governmental over reaction is bass akward. The only quarantine required is for the at risk population; too late for anything else. Quarantine, protect, treat them and the rest of us will sniffle, cough, and until any vaccine is developed - simply move on.