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  1. JL Trektop

    Is the rear window plastic tabs not tucking in an issue? I've had my top since April and I've had the same issues since installing it. Just thought it was maybe a design flaw

    I have a set of 4dr Falcon SP2 3.3 shocks for 2"-4.5" if anyone is interested. The only reason I am posting these is because I ordered (2) sets anticipating long wait times and both came in within a week from a local dealer near me and a dealer that reached out to me saying they had 1 set left...
  3. Alignment After 2.5" TeraFlex Performance Spacer Lift and 35" Tires?

    Oh I'm good now. Honestly, I think it had something to do with the steering box issue because as soon as I had that replaced it drives absolutely perfect.
  4. Alignment After 2.5" TeraFlex Performance Spacer Lift and 35" Tires?

    Firestone will only do toe alignment because they won't mess with taking the control arms off to adjust them. This is what they told me so I'm not sure if others have had the same issue.
  5. Falcon Series 3.3 JLU 4dr Availability

    I'm looking to purchase the Falcon Series 3.3 Adjustable shocks but was told there could be a 10 week lead time on these. Is that correct? I'd rather not wait 10 weeks to get these so if anyone has them available I'd like to purchase them. Thanks.
  6. New Jersey FS: Teraflex 3.5 Springs

    Are these still available? Thanks
  7. How many of you have put 35's on stock wheels after lift...???

    This might be what you are looking for. I have a 2.5" lift and these are 35's. I had to do wheel spacers but I was ok with that. I really like these stock wheels and wanted to keep them. Couldn't be happier with the decision.
  8. Arizona WTB: Sahara Fender Flares Granite Crystal F&R

    I have front and rear I might be willing to part with but have no idea what the going rate is for them. What were you thinking?
  9. Alignment After 2.5" TeraFlex Performance Spacer Lift and 35" Tires?

    My appointment is at Firestone as well and will be doing the lifetime too. Makes total sense. I did not replace the track bar though. Is that something I should be looking into?
  10. Alignment After 2.5" TeraFlex Performance Spacer Lift and 35" Tires?

    I just installed a 2.5" TeraFlex Performance Spacer Lift and 35" tires and my jeep now pulls slightly to the right. Not a ton but enough to bug me. Think it's just an alignment issue? The wheel is straight when the tires are straight while parked so I don't think that's the issue but have no...
  11. Cheap spacer lift with performance shocks?

    I just did the exact thing you are trying to accomplish last week. My Jeep is my daily driver but I do the occasional off-roading and also wanted a more aggressive look while running 35’s. Take a look at the link below at the kit I just put on. it allowed me to use my existing shocks and came...
  12. 2.5” TeraFlex Performance Spacer Lift Install Tips?

    I’m going to be installing the 2.5” TeraFlex Performance Spacer lift on my JLU Sahara and I just wanted to know if anyone had any tips or do’s/dont’s. I’ll be doing it with a floor jack and jack stands. I’ve read through a bunch of install posts in here and that has been great information but...
  13. Tennessee JL Rubicon Takeoff Wheels and BFG AT KO2’s 285/70/17

    Do you still have these for sale?
  14. Bestop - BIG. SPRING. REBATES.

    I preorded the Trektop Ultra for JL yesterday and wasn't aware of the rebate. Will I still receive the rebate?