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  1. DV8 882 Beadlocks

    Looking for some pictures of these in 20s and/or polished with a color painted ring. jjw ND
  2. Lite 37s or heavy 35s..Effect on Power

    For those you that have ran both.....assuming you have the exact same tread (Nitto Trail Grappler or Ridge Grapper or Copper STT Pros) and the exact same width tire .....all 12.5 wide. So a 37x12.50 and a 35x12.50. The 37s are on a very light wheel that have the total tire/wheels weighing...
  3. 18 or 17 inch Rims with 35s no Lift post your pictures

    Lenny Can you post picture from the same view as before AFTER the lift is installed. Will give a great prospective on running 35s with no lift and with a lift. Thanks. jjw ND
  4. JL Bikini Tops?

    Just a followup.....when I put on the bikini top setup I like to keep it on for a while (month or two of summer). My jeep is a daily driver and we also take it out of town. With the 2dr Windjammer added the Jeep is 98% rainproof. It is 100% dry when setting and getting rained on. It only lets...
  5. DIY Hardtop hoist ideas - brainstorming

    Here is my Lange hoist setup. Modified with conduit and pipe insulation. Works great. I do it myself with no help. I expect it to work with no mods with the new JLUR I get. I have my Bikini soft-top on now with all the hardtop stuff stored. JJW ND
  6. JL Bikini Tops?

    This is my JK setup. The only thing not made for a 4Dr that you have to tweak to make work is the windbreaker. The above JL windbreaker is just like the JK 4DR sucks. Not a rain proof setup at all. Using the 2DR windbreaker like I have makes it rain proof at interstate speeds...
  7. Waiting for diesel?

    I will jump in as I have also been waiting for a Wrangler Diesel since I got my 1st Wrangler 8 years ago. My exposure to diesels is all in light trucks. Getting close to a million miles of behind the wheel in diesel pickups.....the majority of it with a trailer in tow. My 1st diesel was a...
  8. For those going with 37s, are you regearing??

    Do you get the stock gear set back? jjw ND
  9. Anyone running Fabtech 3"

    Just adding a few 35" tall 20" tires as that is the wheel size I am leaning towards. But I want narrow and light as possible. Nitto's are there Trail Grappler and Coopers are the SST Pro. Cooper 35X12.50R20LT - E65 - 34.7 Tall - 12.4 Wide - 69 lb Nitto 35x11.50R20LT - E80 - 34.8 Tall - 11.42...
  10. 37's on Stock Rubicon Rims

    Thanks man. They stick out there. But still a great looking tire and Jeep. jjw ND
  11. Sport with Rubicon coils, and 2.5 spacer with 35s and 37s for reference

    What Raceline wheels are those? Like the look. jjw
  12. Narrow and Light 35s

    Just an update on the tallest skinniest Nitto Trail Grapplers and Cooper STT Pros all 35s in order from shortest to tallest. Height is the actual calculated height based on Rev/mile...not the listed overall diameter. SSTPro 35X12.50R20E 33.7" - 69 lbs NittoTG 35x11.50R17C 33.7" - 72.6 lbs...
  13. Warn Zeon 10s install plus a few other goodies (pics) your tires stick out beyond the fenders at all. Love your setup and red accent color choice. I am assuming you have the Mopar wheels mounted with no spacers. have the spare mounted and no issues with the Mopar rim going over the camera. Thanks. jjw ND
  14. Rubi express, teraflex, or mopar lift

    If one who was looking for a nice overland travel suspension....would the Mopar be good or is the softness make it flail around at speed. I make lots of trips from ND to the Rockies in the fall to hunt. I really like the AEV dualsport I have on my JK. jjw ND
  15. 35" and 37" JL pics with lift kit

    JMHO.....Tire noise is from tread design and tread width. Back before computer designed tread, tires were louder if they were wider and or they got louder as they wore... same tire in different widths on same truck. It is amazing how you can quiet tires down with design these days. I would...
  16. More narrow 35in tires

    That just opened the door to 17" wheels for me. I was all set to go to a 18" wheel as Nitto TG had a 285/75R18 that was the only narrow/light 35" tire. I see these new sizes are also load range C. I have the 275/70R18 on my current JK. Just under 86,000 miles on them and still 40%...
  17. 18 vs 17 inch Wheels with 35" Tires?

    From my looking at tire size availability (Nitto Trail Grapplers) and tire can get taller, narrower (11.5), lighter tires in 18s then 17s. Most 17s are 315's or 12.5+ width to get to 35s. This adds weight. In 18s you can get 285/75 or 11.5 in 35 that are as light or lighter then...