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  1. Win a Front Runner roof rack for your JL or JT from Northridge4x4!

    haha sounds like a great plan. Won't need to mow it!
  2. Win a Front Runner roof rack for your JL or JT from Northridge4x4!

    sadly this is actually down in Jacksonville, North Carolina. My brother is a Navy Corpsman down there and we were visiting over Christmas. I've not found any good mudding spots in MD yet, but I've been looking. I was out on Taylor's Island over the long weekend and thought I had found some but...
  3. Win a Front Runner roof rack for your JL or JT from Northridge4x4!

    Would love a roof rack! We'll try not to get it too muddy.
  4. Virginia Soft Top for sale

    PM sent!
  5. What's on your Jeep "to do" list?

    on the hunt for Rubicon take offs at a price I'm willing to pay! Plus a new bumper and winch.
  6. Rebel Summit Series Rear Bumper Giveaway

    Here's a great shot of my stock (minus some Rubicon rock rails) Sport S on a BLM trail in West Virginia. Thanks for the contest!
  7. Maryland Rubi take offs to clear garage for winter!

    probably a dumb question, but are the shocks just the shocks, or is it the whole setup (shocks, control arms, trackbar, etc)?
  8. Giveaway & Sale: Hothead Headliner For JL / JLU!

    These would be great in my Jeep! Need to talk my wife into getting these!
  9. Virginia OEM LED Fender lights

    After some research it looks like they won’t actually fit on my stock Sport fenders. Sorry about that...
  10. Virginia OEM LED Fender lights

    Interested in these if they are still available. Located in Maryland, willing to drive to meet you.
  11. MOJITO! Wrangler JL Club

    Joined the club from Maryland a week and a half ago and have loved every minute of it! Mostly stock for now, but I've swapped in a shorter antenna and added grab handles to the front seats. Looking for rails with steps to protect the sides (and give my shorter wife an assist). Probably going to...
  12. Dash cam rear camera install tips?

    Awesome, thanks again. Going to get this ordered.
  13. Dash cam rear camera install tips?

    Thanks for the reply! how are you powering it? hardwired/with the ODB kit, or off a battery pack?
  14. Dash cam rear camera install tips?

    What did you use to attach it to the roll bar? This looks like a decent setup. Hows the camera working so far?
  15. Northridge4x4 August Giveaway! sPOD, sPOD, sPOD!!!

    Awesome, thanks! Submitted my entry.