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  1. Arizona owners - please check in!

    This is why we do tops on during the summer lol.
  2. How are those 18’s early 19’s holding up?

    10k this morning Only issue so far has been a squealing diff that was repaired at the dealer.
  3. 2.0T eTorque vs Non eTorque? - anyone driven both?

    I get about the same in rush hour traffic. So I’d guess 30-55mph with a few stops.
  4. Win a Front Runner roof rack for your JL or JT from Northridge4x4!

    That’s a pretty cool rack system, good luck everyone!
  5. 2.0 Engine Skid Plates

    Oh, and in case anyone wanted to see some very poor pictures of the skids installed Hybrid battery skid: Diff/transcase Fuel
  6. 2.0 Engine Skid Plates

    Drivers side bracket was making contact. I think if it was angled a little different it would have been fine.
  7. 2.0 Engine Skid Plates

    I have the full Rusty's skid system. The skids are thick, heavy, and appear to be high quality. It installs very easy, aside from the fuel tank skid. The tank has to be lowered. Warnings: If you are not lifted, you will not be able to install the oil pan skid. There is an arm that attaches the...
  8. 2.0L 4-Cyl Twin Turbo

    Be nice to get that hemi torque motor on the 2.0. Have that spin to 3k and get a big turbo for the high rpm. No lag, big power.
  9. White Letters Out?

    I like the white letters out. I didn’t personally do it when I got new tires and I regret it.
  10. Rustys engine skid

    No modifications, just slightly heavier AT tires in 265/70/17 on the factory steel Sport wheels
  11. Rustys engine skid

    I removed the front skid, but it was this mount And this is where it made contact
  12. Rustys engine skid

    The lift part is important. My driveshaft is coming in contact with the driver side mount under compression and I wanted to know if anyone else installed this one yet.
  13. Rustys engine skid

    I’ve seen maybe one user post that they had this skid. Has anyone installed it on a non lifted Jeep?
  14. Small dips and bumps feel like I’m bottoming out

    Figured out the banging (engine skid mount) still tracking down the wobbling. Good thing about a full size spare is I can keep swapping around. edit: Tire was separating.
  15. Small dips and bumps feel like I’m bottoming out

    I like the sway, this is way more harsh. Like when you hit a deep pothole on low profile tires.
  16. Small dips and bumps feel like I’m bottoming out

    Got my oil changed and tires rotated, and now I have a weird sensation where it feels like I’m driving over those lane departure warning bumps at slow speeds. And even more annoying, small bumps or dips, like through an intersection or into a parking lot, sound like I’m bottoming out at anything...
  17. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Aside from the broken bolts... is that a blower?
  18. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Installed Rusty’s skids. About the missing fuel tank skid... if anyone has some tips/tricks on the fuel tank, let me know. That one alone looks like an all day event...