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  1. Posts Pics Of The Wheels You Cant Stop Dreaming About!!

    That red looks orange imo but it may not be representative, but Orange is the color I wanna use for my accent color on my jeep so Those would be awesome if they actually are orangy like the pic, but I think its probably more the photo lighting enhencement that created that since all other wheels...
  2. Posts Pics Of The Wheels You Cant Stop Dreaming About!!

    I swear these are in my dreams all the time....and they keep coming back and chasing me!!!!
  3. South Carolina Rust on Suspension

    a vehicle sitting is sometimes worst than a vehicle that is being driven daily because the humidity from the floor or other surface underneath climbs up in vapor and sits and condensates on you underbody. I'm saying that because 16000 miles for a 2017. But for the year, I don't think its...
  4. Has anyone done an 1.25' Body Lift?

    Sometimes you want to add a body lift because it keeps the drivetrain low and frame at a lower level and thus keeping the center of gravity lower instead of adding to the suspension. If your suspension is flexing well and is not the limiting factor in your flex, it can be very relevant to think...
  5. Backpressure issues?

    Was that 6 months like, in winter (or colder months) it was going awesome and now suddenly when its summer time (really warm outside) and the weather is warmer it seems to have lost power...? If its the case, welcome to the thermodynamic of fluids, warmer air has less oxygen content than...
  6. How Important is Torque for Off-Roading

    Pickups compared to jeeps.....Weight distribution my friend....apples to oranges...can't compare...totally different vehicles and behaviors on any surfaces. I know, cause I have a pre-runner Mazda on 35's and used to have a TJ on 33's...can't all...sorry. what your trying to...
  7. Best Hi-tuck exhaust w no drone

    I think any change to the exhaust where you will remove that huge muffler will inevitably change the exhaust note. There are some high tuck style exhaust with an incorporated muffler, but the fact your reducing the muffler size will still increase/change your sound one way of another and its...
  8. Paint Jeep Wrangler JL Hardtop

    Any body shop/repair shop should be able to do this. I was actually looking at having mine done and got quoted 1295$ CAN by the local shop so I may wait or try to finish my garage set-up so I can spray myself...;)
  9. Goose Gear plate system install (full rear seat delete)

    Awesome, tks for the reviews and comments, pretty funny, I was actually looking at goose products online and browsing overlanding stuff and then I come back you posted this...:D
  10. Concealed Air Fitting in the JL Fuel Door

    would love to see the face of people passing by as you're "filling her up" with last picture is what it looks like, love it!
  11. FCA just cancelled my warranty because of "aftermarket stuff"

    Glad your back on the road and tks for coming back here to explain what was the problem and the fix etc, not everyone would have done it considering the lenghty tread and some pretty free bashing going on...;)...and it is a testament to who you are...:) I'll add my bit that in my experience...
  12. Hertz liquidating JL Wranglers - Are these a good deal?

    I'm actually surprised because unless I understand bankruptcy laws incorrectly, once they file and sign for bankrupcty protection, they can't liquidate anything. It becomes the responsability of the Lawyer or whoever it is in the U.S. etc but someone part of the bankruptcy process is responsible...
  13. Terrible Seats

    btw, found this previous tread...;)
  14. Terrible Seats

    I also have 3 damaged disks in my spine from osteoarthritis (2 lower and one cervical) and I kind of agree the seats could be better as I tend to move a bit in them all the time and usually that's a sign I'm not fully comfortable either. I also found that the adjustment level could have been...
  15. Have an EcoDiesel JL Sahara for the week...some observations.

    Cool review, tks for the feedback, always wanted a diesel, but its not offered in 2 doors in Canada that I know of. Still would love one.
  16. RC Scale of a 2018 rubi?

    I've been thinking about making a copy of mine as well, its a neat idea.
  17. SelecTrac & the Anti-Spin Differential Rear Axle vs Rubicon?

    I personnaly bought a JL 2 door (this blue one) just for the fact that it had the limited slip in the back as an option because were I live snow is part of life half the year. I have driven both a locker (lincoln welded lock) and also limited slip differentials in many vehicules I have had...
  18. RC Scale of a 2018 rubi?

    I was talking to a buddy of mine who has an older YJ fully modified and he's also into RC Scale models and he recently finished a reproduction of his YJ to scale with SOA Leafs and repro frame and body etc. so I started looking into RC stuff for shits and giggles and I found this which I tough...
  19. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I really like that metalflake color and personnaly, I would paint the tow hooks the same color and all other accents that color and it would be incredible imo. Did you apply Clear over it?
  20. Win a Front Runner roof rack for your JL or JT from Northridge4x4!

    I see you decided on the caution route and went with rain tires... :giggle: