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  1. 2 DOOR JL build/order discussions master thread

    This would have been the 4th summer in a row doing this type of road trip with her. Looks like worst case we will end up finishing the Arizona trip we cut short over spring break either Thanksgiving week or over Xmas break.
  2. 2 DOOR JL build/order discussions master thread

    Had hoped to do that but with the current environment I have gone form a semi absentee business owner to needing to be more involved with day to day operations. The trip we had planned was about 3 weeks, unless the economy really gets going in the next month it will be difficult to get away...
  3. 2 DOOR JL build/order discussions master thread

    While it looks like my long summer road trip with my daughter will need to be cancelled may still get a trip in. Wife is talking about driving back to Wisconsin for a 4th of July get together her family is looking at having. The summer cancellation is kind of a bummer. If we would have been...
  4. 2 DOOR JL build/order discussions master thread

    Teaching Megan to drive and so far the only vehicle she is willing to drive is my Jeep. Think she is plotting to claim it for herself. She had already mentioned trading my Q5 for a 4 door Jeep so she always has a Jeep available.
  5. 2 DOOR JL build/order discussions master thread

    Hello fellow 2 door Jeepers. Been away from the forum the past few months. Instead of the usual off road picks here are a few photos of me running the FI track in Austin. COTA had a food drive going on a couple weeks ago. Make a donation and drive a lap on the track.
  6. 2 DOOR JL build/order discussions master thread

    20k miles in the Austin traffic with constant construction, no issues. Then take a road trip to Arizona with my daughter for spring break and get a big ding about half way through New Mexico.
  7. Win a Front Runner roof rack for your JL or JT from Northridge4x4!

    To be different, here is my Jeep running the track at COTA in Austin (the F1 track)
  8. 2 DOOR JL build/order discussions master thread

    Hope everyone has been staying safe, kind of going stir crazy with little to do. Think having to cut our spring break trip to Arizona short has made it worse. Daughter and I left just before the S hit the fan. Was able to get a few days wheeling in Tuscan, but then had cancel the last 5 days of...
  9. Arizona Trip

    Good luck with the move, imagine this is not the best time to be moving. Lots of greats trails for both the Jeep and hiking. Only made the Tucson part of our trip since we needed to cut the trip short because of the current situation. Looks like daughter and I will be going back to do the rest...
  10. Arizona Trip

    The photo with the other vehicals is actually the west side of Mt Tumacacori, the rest of the photos are Mt Lemmon
  11. Arizona Trip

    Great, easy trail to do. Will try to get back again in the near future.
  12. Arizona Trip

    Was great for the two days we got out on the trails. Will be going back again soon, especially since we needed to cut this trip short. Lots of great hiking trails as well, so makes for a busy trip of wheeling in the morning and hiking in the afternoon.
  13. Arizona Trip

    Here you go, a few more photos of my Jeep in it's natural habitat.
  14. 2 DOOR JL build/order discussions master thread

    That sucks! Daughter and I ended up cutting our Arizona trip short. Spent a day in Las Cruces then 3 days in Tucson, had to pull the plug on the rest of the trip. Had a 13 hour drive to get home today, will try to post a few photos from Mt Lemmon tomorrow.
  15. Arizona Trip

    Had limited time, may post a few more tomorrow
  16. Arizona Trip

    Ran the backway to mt Lemmon this morning. Was a fun trail.
  17. Arizona Trip

    Thanks for the offer. Unfortunately we will be leaving the Phoenix area that Friday. Looks like we will be getting into Phoenix Tuesday then leaving Friday morning.
  18. Arizona Trip

    Thanks for the recommendation. Will be going to an event they have listed this Sunday, Tumacacori loop drive. Not sure what to expect but figured it would be fun going out with a group, looks like 12 going. Planning on doing the back way up MT Lemon on Monday, then up to the Phoenix area for a...
  19. Arizona Trip

    That would be great, will let you know once I know for sure what days we will be there.
  20. Arizona Trip

    Thanks, looks like we should get into Tucson 3/14, Will spend a couple days there then, head up to Phoenix for a few days and work our way up to the grand canyon. Know the daughter wants to do Crown King.