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  1. Aftermarket clutch for 6MT

    I have almost 5k on it, still great. Been off-road the last few weekends and it’s really nice in the steep, loose rocky stuff, just pick a gear and let it eat. Just keeps crawling where the stock clutch would allow it to stall. The heavier flywheel makes it so easy in the difficult stuff.
  2. Post Your RUBICON on 35's With a Lift

    Icon 2.5" Stage 8 Lift, American Racing AR926 Patrol Wheels 17x8.5, Mickey Thompson Baja Boss 35x12.5r17 tires.
  3. Clutch- durability w/ unintended abuse?

    My friend did most my install I just helped. He said it was more work than a JK but not bad. It was his first JL as well. Took us just under 11 hours, but we weren't rushing, made sure everything went back like it was supposed to. We also did the Magnflow loop delete and rock krawler catback and...
  4. JLUR Manual clutch slipping at certain RPMs

    I'm in AZ, N. Phx to be exact if your out this way. I had low back surgery 3 years ago and have had 6 knee surgeries as well so I understand what you mean. The stock clutch has no feel to it and is to soft, but I cant handle a stiff clutch either. For me the new clutch is perfect.
  5. JLUR Manual clutch slipping at certain RPMs

    The Centerforce is heavier than stock but not stiff, it has great feel to it, what I like to call as close to perfect as possible. First time I depressed the clutch pedal when I bought it I thought it had a problem,it was to soft and had no feel. I had the stock clutch for 6 months and had less...
  6. 6-Speed Manual Transmission no longer available, until fixed

    I don’t know much about the JK units, I drove several model years between 07 to 18 and it never impressed me, not enough to buy one, my CJ7 was just better it seemed. When the JL came out at first I was like it’s not much of an improvement over the JK until a friend bought one and I drove it...
  7. Clutch- durability w/ unintended abuse?

    I received a nice discount on it due to 15 years of working with them on firsts on several new products when nobody was offering clutch upgrades. On my C6 & C7 Vettes, on my 5th & 6 Gen Camaros. I have one of the first 20 regular production 2014 Z28s and it was the first supercharged one built...
  8. Clutch- durability w/ unintended abuse?

    I noticed some additional rev hang mainly in 2nd gear near redline under hard acceleration, but it’s minimal. There really are no downsides, great pedal feel, takes off easier, crawls in 4lo so much better, steep inclines on loose surfaces that previously need slight throttle or stall condition...
  9. Clutch- durability w/ unintended abuse?

    I’ve worked with Centerforce on several firsts over the last 15 years so I got a discounted price, and a friend of mine and I installed it at his shop on a Sunday when he’s closed for some pizza and beer. I have and go through a lot of vehicles and I prefer manual vehicles and I tend to modify...
  10. Clutch- durability w/ unintended abuse?

    I did the Centerforce dual friction clutch, it was their first production unit, installed it back in September, couldn’t be happier. It drives and feels so much better, the heavier flywheel works great off road.
  11. JLUR Manual clutch slipping at certain RPMs

    I installed the first Centerforce dual friction clutch in my JLR back in September, best decision I made, JLR is much nicer to drive on and off road. I hated how the stock clutch felt and performed. The Centerforce has exceeded all my expectations. I have just over 4K on it now.
  12. 6-Speed Manual Transmission no longer available, until fixed

    I’m really glad I installed my Centerforce dual friction clutch back in September. The first production unit. I have to much invested in my JLR to loss it to a catastrophic failure. From the day I took delivery I hated the stock clutch feel and performance. The Centerforce exceeded all...
  13. windshield replacement

    I sure hope so, on my 3rd windshield so far and it has 2 cracks and 4 stars in it already. I don’t plan on replacing it until a better option is available.
  14. Manual transmission hard to get into gear cold.

    So I purchased my JLR last April and I didn't notice any issues until this winter. When the temp dropped below 50 out and first thing in the morning I noticed it was hard to get into 1st or reverse. I also noted that until the trans fluid got some temp in it shifting into 2nd and 3rd was less...
  15. windshield replacement

    I’m on my 3rd one in 5k miles and it just cracked again. A lot of rocks on the highway’s here, but it doesn’t take much to crack them. I’ve given up on trying to keep a windshield in it. Waiting on the gorilla glass option to be available.
  16. Clutch- durability w/ unintended abuse?

    I hated the clutch in my from the day I bought it, changed it out to a Centerforce unit. Couldn’t be happier with the new clutch. Heavier flywheel makes it so much nicer to drive.
  17. Urr2slo's Rubicon build

    I haven't had much time to update my build but I just learned that my Jeep was chosen by JP Magazine as one of the Top Ten Jeeps at SEMA 2019. I've attached a link. Hopefully I will find some free time to update my build in...
  18. 3.6L with 6 speed MT has uneven power band

    It’s been available since November, I have almost 3000 miles on it. Really enjoying it.
  19. 3.6L with 6 speed MT has uneven power band

    The new JL clutch is a twin disc dual mass flywheel design. Poor choice and design by Jeep engineers. I worked with Centerforce to prototype and develop an upgrade as I’m adding a supercharger and I wanted to make sure I had a clutch that would hold the additional power. The new clutch is a...

    I did the Magnaflow loop delete and their rock crawler series catback. Sounds really good for a V6. Didn’t notice a power difference, I did both at the same time but I really couldn’t hear it running before. My primary reason for the loop delete was to prevent damage while off reading.