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  1. 2020 Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale Tracker

    :LOL: As I said above, they are pretty tight lipped on The Who, what, where and WHEN. They are kicking off sales early this year depending on what the manufacturers are allowing (seems like every year it's becoming closer to Black November, eh?). Today we kicked off the Buy 4 get 1 FREE deal...
  2. 2020 Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale Tracker

    You all know we're going to have some great deals, like we always do. Those in charge of the sale are tight lipped about who, what, where, when, but I'm sure it'll be good, just like past years.
  3. Jeep humor waiting room

    In my mind, I read it with Red's accent.. :LOL:
  4. $800? No Thanks.

    All the discussion on the ARB Jack got us thinking it's time to do a video on the ARB Jack: The ARB Jack isn't for everyone and yes, the price can make you do a double take, but it sure does make lifting a vehicle easy.
  5. Want 1 more inch....

    OK, gotcha. Since your shock is good from 2-3.5", you already have 1.5" of room to go up, plus the extra inch of lift you want will get you into the 2.5" range, which is perfect for the EVO 2.5" shock extensions. Those are my favorite of the extensions I've installed so far (Though you do have...
  6. Want 1 more inch....

    TeraFlex makes a 1.5" spacer kit: Daystar has 3/4" front spacers: and 3/4" rear spacers...
  7. Hummer EV

    To see GM back tackling the 4 wheel steering is pretty cool. Had high hopes for the old Quadrasteer in the 2002-05 Silverado/Suburban line-up, but it never really went anywhere.
  8. $800? No Thanks.

    No they don't and that's not what they're designed for. The ARB line is more designed for the Overlanders and Back Country Explorers that want something that looks good in the city too.
  9. $800? No Thanks.

    iirc - The main skin of the ARB bumpers are 4mm, which would be .157"-ish, so thicker than 1/8" (.120) more like halfway between 1/8" and 3/16".
  10. JLU's: How big of a winch are you running?

    If the customer purchased it from us, then they should contact us first, even a couple years after they purchased the winch. This is also why you should keep proof of purchase (receipts/order numbers) on any products with long warranties.
  11. JLU's: How big of a winch are you running?

    We sell a lot of Smittybilt winches and have had very few come back. That said... I just asked our returns crew and they say that Smittybilt is excellent to deal with and that they haven't had any issues with warranty returns.
  12. school me on drag link flip

    You do need a minimum of 4" lift and good bumpstop placement to do a top mounted draglink. Yes, it makes a huge difference in the drivability of a big lifted Jeep. You gotta do a track bar relocate too. The Steer Smarts no drill top mount drag links are awesome, big burly and they bolt right...
  13. JLU's: How big of a winch are you running?

    The Smittybilt X20 have a limited lifetime warranty, and their warranty process so far has been pretty easy. That said, I currently run a Warn Zeon 10 on my JK and a Warn 8274...
  14. $800? No Thanks.

    I've had one for about a year. Yes, they are expensive and no, the Hi-Lift jack isn't even close to the lifting jack that this is. Very smooth and easy to operate. Kids can even use this jack without much issue. At the 2019 NW Overland Rally, Mule Outfitters had one set up and the young gal...
  15. Hood Prop or Lean?

    Instead of hanging out in the hood, let's talk about how you hang out around your hood. Was having a conversation with a friend, he always uses the prop rod and says most people do. I'm one of those always open it to the windshield, to get it out of the way, maybe being 5'-18"s tall has...
  16. Hutchinson Rock Monsters and “35” inch KO2s installed

    Dynabeads are a good solution for those hard core rock crawlers with tires that are beat, gouged, tore and with uneven wear. If you have nice wheels and tires, go with a good stick-on weight and have them balanced by a tire shop that is familiar with balancing tires in your size.
  17. S&B Cold Air Intake for 2.0T

    A regular hose clamp will fit, we used one on ours.
  18. S&B Filters Hood Scoops for your Rubicon Hood - DIY Install video

    Ready to make your non-functional hood a little more functional? We got the chance to install a set of the S&B Filters Hood Scoops on a Rubicon hood last Friday and shot a how-to install video: S&B Filters Air Hood Scoop System...
  19. Pedal Commander Install... Super EASY!

    Excellent explanation of how they work! Agree with them not being snake oil and not being magic either. They are what they do, which is reduce pedal lag. My best analogy is they feel like they add horsepower, but they don't. Do not agree with the lack of performance claims. It may not make a...