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  1. Advice on Wheel Touch Up Paint

    Hey everyone, looking for a little help. I have a 2018 JLU MOAB and this weekend got some curb rash (two 4in marks on the outer most lip of the rim) on my front passenger wheel. I went right through the black coating on the wheels exposing the metal underneath so I'd like to touch it up if...
  2. JL Lease pricing/California preferred.

    I just leased from Huntington Beach Jeep. I feel like I got a solid deal on my 2018 MOAB. Fully loaded I’m paying $550 including LA county tax on a 36 / 12K lease with $0 capital cost reduction.
  3. Any meet for beginners?

    I'd love to go for a Newbie run. Just got my first Jeep and want to see what they are all about.
  4. Orange County JL Roll Call

    2018 MOAB here. Live in Palos Verdes, but work in Irvine. Just picked her up 3 days ago.
  5. Worried about picking up new lease, not sure what to do.

    Bit of an update - my fears were a bit for naught. Spoke with the dealer about it and it turns out it was the pressure being off in the tires - it was an '18 on the lot and had been sitting. When we went to pick it up, my wife and I took the car out for 30min doing a mix of highway and street...
  6. Worried about picking up new lease, not sure what to do.

    Wil they do that prior to me taking the paperwork? I’m worried about signing everything and then it become my problem vs. having them fix it first. Trying to understand if anyone has tried that and if it has worked.
  7. Worried about picking up new lease, not sure what to do.

    Hey all, hoping you can help me out. Not sure if this is the right spot for this, but it is related to JL issues so figured I’d give it a shot. I was able to secure a really great lease deal for a 2018 Moab in my area, SoCal, but am worried about taking delivery tomorrow. I drove the care for a...
  8. Why won't California dealers deal?

    Jumping into the thread here. I looked at the staff section on HB Jeep and can't find anyone named Fred Larson. There is a Fred Latasa who is the Fleet Manager, is that who you talked to? Looking to head there this afternoon to lock up a 2018 Rubicon.