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  1. Florida Guy Happy But Frozen

    Just checked the weather forecast here in L.A. Highs in the 70s for the foreseeable future but our mayor says we have to stay home! :(
  2. Car and Driver Review of 2 Door V-6 Manual

    I've spent a nice chuck of change modding my base Unlimited but none of my upgrades would have come standard on a Rubicon.
  3. 3.6 engine and 87 octane a no-no

    Wow! Catch can and fuel octane discussions in the same thread. I think this is the first time. Thread should go for another 10 pages at least. :CWL:
  4. 3.6 engine and 87 octane a no-no

    You can add me to the list of people whose Pentastars ping with 87 octane fuel. It happens only in warm weather, low RPM, and under load but it does happen. I get gas almost exclusively from Costco. I switched to 91 octane and the pinging stopped entirely and the engine seems to run smoother...
  5. 2020 Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale Tracker
  6. Just Stone Me: Any way to turn ESS ON when I want?

    As others have said, you can set accessory power off delay so your bluetooth won't disconnect as long you don't open the door. But the power is interrupted when you start your engine. I have an aftermarket stereo with an iDatalink Maestro adapter. This adapter has a setting whereby accessory...
  7. Ways to get more torque?

    Funny stuff here. I have the 3.6, 6MT, 35s, steel front bumper, winch, steel tire carrier and 3.45 gears. I don't use 6th gear anymore (which is second overdrive) but no big deal. The only real problem is I don't win too many drag races anymore. :CWL:
  8. Best way to get LED fender lights?

    It's harder than you think. I've been looking for Rubicon LED black fender takeoffs for a while. The problem is the shipping cost because of the size. You have to find someone local with exactly what you're looking for. I'm actually willing to buy new but some Mopar dealers want $150 or more...
  9. Jeep OEM Tool Kit

    Yes, and that's the most useful piece. That bit is about 4 inches long and hard to find separately. Here is one you can use with a standard 3/8" drive ratchet:
  10. Dual doors and Chief

    ...or Brandy. :giggle: Beautiful color. Congrats! @GreyFox
  11. Anybody else, AC on at start up. No auto climate

    Your air temperature knob has a MAX A/C setting on the far left. If the knob is turned to that setting, A/C will activate automatically.
  12. [Feature Request] Honk when tire pressure reached

    The video states "if equipped". I wonder what hardware is required to "equip" this feature or is it just software with any TPMS sensor.
  13. [Feature Request] Honk when tire pressure reached

    I am under the impression that the TPMS signal is only "polled" when the wheels spin. If so, Tazer could not grant your request from a programming standpoint. Maybe it can be done with special aftermarket sensors. I love the idea, though.
  14. Stolen personal items

    I hate to lecture but even if the doors are locked, a firearm should be secured inside another locked container like a safe within the Jeep. Even then it should not be left there overnight.
  15. 【杭州马帮】2020年 牧马人年会 完美落幕

    Wow! Jeepers in China really know how to party! Looks like it was a blast. :like:
  16. California Front and Rear Plastic Bumpers

    No. Just the bumpers listed.
  17. Aftermarket Stereo Installed.......Finally!

    If you have the JVC unit, then there is definitely a trigger lead. It's actually separate from the main wiring harness and it's light green in color IIRC.
  18. What head units have you guys upgraded to?

    Just to provide more options, here is a link to my upgrade: