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  1. Texas For Sale: JL Front Steel Bumper

    OP I sent you a PM
  2. Top Tier gas

    You are exactly correct!
  3. After 20 years, I’m done with DT

    Glad you posted. Based on DT posts on here I was considering contacting them for a set of wheels and tires here in BOERNE. I will wait to see if this works out for you.
  4. 35" vs 37" Tires (and lift) on a JLRU for Daily Driver at 70-90 mph

    Morning Jeff. Would you post a pic of your rig/tires. I think I would like to do what you did. Thx.
  5. I went ahead and did it...Traded in my JL Sport for a JL Rubicon

    Congratulations. I did the exact same thing. I love the Rubicon. Should have just bought it to start with. I may not even change a thing on it except for a roof rack.
  6. Options for carrying a canoe/kayak

    Bob, would you mind adding a pic of your Gobi with this set up and the canoe? I just ordered the Gobi but will be carrying two kayaks. Would appreciate any comments. Thx.
  7. Stop me if you heard this before: Sport+ vs Rubi

    Get Rubi. You’ll always wish you had.
  8. Arkansas FS: Front and Rear Steel Bumpers (Arkansas)

    PM sent! I will buy!
  9. FS: Rubicon Steel Front Bumper / LEDs / Winch Plate

    I pm’d you. Ready to buy.
  10. 67 Designs Jeep JL Mount Rail Edition - The Rail

    That’s funny...been down that trail before!
  11. Mopar Steel Bumper ($500.00)

    Is bumper sold?
  12. WTB ‘18 Rubicon Front Steel Bumper

    Bump....stilll waiting...
  13. WTB ‘18 Rubicon Front Steel Bumper

    Hmmm... without the lights I could do $550.00. Is the bumper removed yet?
  14. To Lift or Not To Lift???

    After my lift, noted above, I experienced the exact same results except for the windshield noise. I need to get the recalibration done though as it does seem to hunt gears a lot more.
  15. Inspired Engineering Black Friday Event (35% off!)

    Morning Sam. Just ordered new Halo model. Thanks again for Black Friday discount. BTW, I received vey nice comment from Laura from Switch Pro about you. I had ordered their switch device a few days ago and had told her that you referenced a specific connection to their equipment for some of...
  16. WTB ‘18 Rubicon Front Steel Bumper

    In Texas preferably. If price is right.

    33s with 1.5” lift