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  1. 20k miles and this happens...

    I’m just over 10k on my JL and the only issue I’ve had is the radio and minor soft top issues. In the beginning (feb-May) I wanted to pull the radio out with a crowbar and gasoline!
  2. JL I want to buy has been recalled.

    I don’t see that stamp on either side? Is there another place I could look?
  3. Who's got the most miles so far?

    I’m in the same boat. My last truck had 60k after 6.5 years. I have 9504 since feb 12
  4. Gas mileage so far

    Do you know if anyone has done an actual test to see the difference in mpg vs cost to see if there a difference/ cost savings? Here in north tx the price difference is $.30 more per gallon. I’ve only run one tank of gas on the non-ethanol gas and there was a +3 mpg difference. So that would...
  5. Gas mileage so far

    I bought my JL in feb,. in town (no Hwy driving) I’m getting 18 mpg in my sport. I just took my 5th trip to the beach (700 round trip). I’m averaging 24 mpg towing a trailer (1000 lb) at 65-70 mph. I’ve noticed anything over 70 mph and it starts to drop every 1+ mph. I hope this helps someone...
  6. Are you leaving your "Wrangler Unlimited" stickers on your jeep?

    I used plastidip. It might look ugly but I like it.
  7. Safari top is one of my favorite new features!

    Yes. I have the base with the normal soft top and I drive in safari all the time. If you have the ability to change to a premium soft top, DO IT. it makes a big difference in wind noise. I drove both the tops before buying and thought I chose the one with the premium top. I still regret not...
  8. Safari top is one of my favorite new features!

    I’m doing the exact same thing. I’ve had my doors on for a total of 9 days this summer. I was on vacation for 7 of those days!
  9. Premium soft top melting in this heatwave.

    I guess one advantage of being in tx is I haven’t put my top on since May. So no window issue here. Has anyone out there windshield down? I’m think about buying the straps. Any thoughts on driving with it down?
  10. Premium soft top melting in this heatwave.

    No. Cold front came through! It’s been awesome! Low of 76 high 95. My daughter needed a sweatshirt!
  11. Premium soft top melting in this heatwave.

    Weird. I don’t have a premium top but after all the rain we had this spring, I didn’t have one issue? Maybe you should talk to the dealer?
  12. Premium soft top melting in this heatwave.

    I nearly spit out my food when I read it was 94. Lol. You guys up north should Never, Ever talk about us, in the south, not being able to drive in snow. I went out for a 5 mile run today. 95 with 80% humidity. My little,10 lb, dog was tired but made the run. My two bigger dogs beat me home...
  13. Waterproof Interior

    I think I’d wait for the Alpine. I’ve heard horror stories about the factory 8”. I know my factory radio has given me fits but since the start of June, it’s been good, not great. I’m saving my pennies for the alpine, when it comes out...
  14. I just want a waterproof bikini top for my JL unlimited, does anyone know of one?

    I’m actually pretty happy with my soft top in “safari”. It’s waterproof, I can store my windows in the back, I get full coverage from the sun plus it’s Free! I only wish it looked better but until I find my “perfect” bikini top, this will do!
  15. JL Bikini Tops?

    Yep. In TX, Everyone but me has a hard top. Personally, I would hate a hard top. I would have bought a Cherokee, if I wanted a hard top that I rarely, like my neighbor, took off, Oh well, they also have 40s and never go off road.
  16. JL owners with dogs

    Where did you get that? I can’t find it online?
  17. Sun shade for JL Wrangler

    How long have you had your drill in your Jeep. I live in tx. It’ll be 102 tomorrow. I’m concerned about it getting too hot.